YAY! Troops on the way. But its only temporary. Talk about commitment!

    Can’t wait to hear what the amateur of the United States (AMOUS) has to say tonight. Lemme see …..  more troops but a target date to pull out. Not one consideration for what the troops will be doing and whether it ever matters if they bother to fight. After tonight’s Chamberlain impersonation, the Taliban can sit take a vacation. Don’t worry ’bout it. We don’t | Read More »

    God Bless Liberal Think

    Yes that was a correct headline. Liberal think is the term I like to use to refer to the trait all liberals have, that they are almost unable to identify themselves. A slim trait of insanity. It is in the total disregard for consequence. Things liberals do always have a rather incorrect ending. Consequences happen, whether they are attributed to the liberal idea come to | Read More »

    So Much For M.A.D.!

    Yesterday Vladimir Putin’s military announced the possibility of PRE-EMPTIVE NUCLEAR STRIKES…. NUCLEAR! Today, Obama’s military is pondering “the Bush administration’s doctrine of preemptive military strikes with an eye to modifying or possibly ending it.” So let me get this straight. Putin does something the coward would never have done had Bush or Reagan been in the White House, he does it without so much as | Read More »

    Open Letter To Dr. John Corsi

    Your optimism is most refreshing, but I have two major issues with your reason. The belief that Americans will rise up and become the modern Patriot you call for, is over-the-top optimistic. They would if they knew. They, for the most part, do not know. They do not follow Washington unless Washington interrupts them and with the media in the plan, as Marx would so | Read More »

    Serious Open Letter To Glenn Beck

    So why is it that Obama seems compelled to break into the Beck Program? Huh? My wife Suesie ran to watch your Saturday show and was rather, shall I say, verbal about the interruption. She remembered that happening before. She also remembers your Mother show and is quite impressed with how much the mothers were transparent. No color. Just Americans. She is still going on | Read More »

    Graham’s Chief of Staff Arrested!!!

    My wife read a headline to me, over the cell phone today. “Graham’s Chief Of Staff Arrested On Bribery Charges.” I almost drove off of the pavement. Richard Perry FINALLY! Its been all these years. Its been nothing but a major pain. Now, I heard, the guy was going away. They got him on bribery charges. She quickly asserted it wasn’t Perry. “Ted Loza, chief | Read More »

    Lifting State Secrets – Call For Action

    So, now that Holder and Obama have lifted the heavy hand of secrecy, only in the case of ‘national security’, and with the comment from the ACLU that previous use of such secrecy was to, “stymie legitimate cases against government misconduct,” I am calling for the Justice Department to uncover, to unseal and to release the hidden case housed in the fourth circuit court system | Read More »

    More info on Democrat Corruption

    It may appear on the surface that the link below is not what it is. That is on purpose (most people are more interested in a computer game, then they are in Democrat corruption). If I can get your help in telling people about this ‘free computer game’, (no income from the site at all), then we can get them to read the poem on | Read More »

    The Father Hath Spanked Us All

    How dare we speak against the takeover of our nation?! How dare we oppose!? Without Republicans, he will do it anyway, the people be damned. Obama lashed OUT at conservatives and Republicans. He did not use a phrase, or a slogan to be repeated on the news, he reached out and verbally slapped us all. You see, his goal has never been health care. It | Read More »


    Ameri-Kid’s Official TeleBuddy

    HotAir’s Ed Morrissey runs the word counter and finds Obama will utter the word ‘I’ 56 times in a speech to the unknowing victims of tomorrow’s brand of liberals. His speech to the children is using the exact same writing technique that has made Obama what he is today. The more a person invokes self, without appearing condescending, the more personal the words are. Obama | Read More »