IL Sen: Kirk and the Mob Banker tied at 41%

    Rasmussen has come out with new polling results for the race to replace Roland Burris for the Senate seat that was held by Barrack Obama. If the election here held today, likely GOP nominee Rep. Mark Kirk would be tied with Illinois Treasurer and former mob tied Broadway Bank executive Alexi Giannoulias at 41%. Kirk leads the other democrats in the race, Cheryl Jackson (a | Read More »

    Rasmussen poll shows Huckabee leading the 2012 race

    Rasmussen Reports released a poll today showing that shows what the results would be if there was a national GOP primary for the 2012 nomination was held today and it shows: Huckabee 29% Romney 24% Palin 18% Gingrich 14% Pawlenty 4% Somebody else 6% Not Sure 7% Rasmussen also asked poll respondents who they would not want to see win the nomination: Pawlenty 24% Palin | Read More »

    Has Anyone seen the Top of the Drudge Report?

    I just checked out the Drudge Report and the headline is this: ABC/CBS/NBC/NYT/LAT/WSJMSNBC/AP/Reuters/AFP/PoliticoFT/Time/WashPost/NewsweekCan they all be wrong? Their is no link to anything at all, which is a bit unusual for Drudge because most of the time that he is teasing something he usually links back to his website. The only clue about what it is is a cartoon of Obama in a Superman pose | Read More »

    Murtha: Western PA has gone from really redneck to partially redneck

    A few weeks ago, US Congressman and Libeler Jack Murtha said that “his racist constituents” were going to cost Barack Obama 4 points in the Keystone state. He later apologized for those remarks most likely because he is in a competitive campaign for re-election. Well good old Baghdad Jack went and tried to clarify his remarks. He noted that “5 to 10 years ago the | Read More »

    Andrew Sullivan’s Palin Derangement Syndrome makes him say anti-semitic rant

    Since John McCain named Sarah Palin to be his running mate last Friday it has caused a new Mental Health disorder among the nation’s drive-by media. This disorder is Palin Derangement Syndrome (PDS), it is simlair to Bush Derangement Syndrome except the focus of the derangement is Gov. Palin and not President Bush. The most severe case of PDS is that The Atlantic’s Andrew Sullivan. | Read More »

    Rasmussen: KY 49 McCain, 39 Obama

    I was just looking at Rasmussen Reports and I noticed a state poll that could be big trouble for Barack as far as Rasmussen polls go, which as we all know is the most on target of all the polling firms out there. It is from the Bluegrass state where McCain leads Obama by a 49-39%. At first glance you would think this is good | Read More »

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