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Small business owner since college (13+ years), and married father of 4 boys.



    I’ve returned from the RedState Gathering in Austin Texas, which was a terrific way to spend a weekend.  The speakers were great, the events were great, Gov. Perry was great, and the company was great.  Meeting most people in person for the first time, just about nobody looks like how you expect them to look, save for Moe and Erick, and that’s only because | Read More »

    Wisconsin GOP Annual Convention – Senate Shocker

    I’ve just returned from the annual Republican Party of Wisconsin State Convention, where we’ve completed endorsements for 5 major state/national races.  While I plan on writing up more details about the convention itself and speakers like Tim Pawlenty, Paul Ryan and Karl Rove, I wanted to highlight what was a bit of a shock earlier today in the U.S. Senate endorsement. EPU had a post | Read More »

    Tommy Thompson *not* running for Senate in Wisconsin

    Well, Tommy boy finally made it official today at the tax day Tea Party in Madison, ending months of his on-again / off-again dance “My family didn’t want me to run,” Thompson told the Journal Sentinel moments before he gave a speech to thousands at a tea party gathering on the steps of the State Capitol. Thompson’s daughter, Kelli, said after the speech that | Read More »

    Quotes from my kid

    So, we occasionally talk about politics at home. My wife and I were talking about Obama a couple weeks ago, when out of nowhere, my 4 year old injects with: “Obama is a lier – he thinks he’s in charge, but he’s not; God is” Then this morning, we were reading about the new Wisconsin state budget, where spending is going up 6% and our | Read More »


    A conservative is born!

    Well, one can hope, anyway. My third son: Jack Eugene Born 5/5/09 21.5 inches 8 lbs 15 oz And doing great!

    The next (Republican) governor of Wisconsin

    I went to my first Lincoln Day Dinner last night for Racine County, WI.  We had the pleasure of listening to 3 great speakers – Paul Ryan, who represents my district in Congress, WI Attorney General J. B. Van Hollen (who apparently was the only candidate last Nov to flip a democratic seat in the entire state), and Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker, who will | Read More »

    How do you folks train/learn?

    So, I’ve been on this site for three and a half years now, and I’ve learned a lot.  I’ve held conservative beliefs since college, and learning from you all has reinforced the fact that I generally agree with most of the “conservative” movement.  Clearly not necessarily Republicanism (is that a word?), because it’s hard to tell what a Republican is nowadays, but I believe in | Read More »

    Page 2

    So…now that RS 3.0 is “fixed”, can we get a link to “page 2″ at the bottom of the main page? Sometimes there are so many posts in a 24 hour period, I miss some that roll off. I know I can visit the archive, but that’s not really what I’m after. I barely have time for page 1, let alone reading through the whole | Read More »


    Why is Iowa in the tank for Obama?

    When you think about Iowa, polling and primary results aside, it feels like Iowa should be a red state. It’s a rural, agricultural state, that I would think would be fairly conservative. In fact, according to Dan’s Chart from yesterday, Iowa is 55%R – 45%D. So why is Obama leading McCain by 10 points in Iowa? Is this purely a question of support for ethanol, | Read More »

    A present in the mail from John McCain

    An interesting piece of marketing arrived from the John McCain campaign today in my mail slot (yeah, I don’t have a box, I have a slot. Which is cooler, mind you). Anyway, it was a nice little message talking about reforming Washington, stopping out of control spending, and ending corporate giveaways (I supposed it’s always popular to rail against the evil corporations, nevermind they actually | Read More »