Joe the Plumber- THE American success story

    I have been waiting to write about Joe the plumber because I wanted to see his reaction to his new found fame. Was Joe really just your average, every-day working man? Well I am very happy to say that he certainly is. He has handled the onslaught of the democratic search and destroy party with class. He has even campaigned for John McCain in what | Read More »

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    A plea to my fellow Americans

    The debates are over now. We are in the final stretch of the 2008 presidential campaign. The next few weeks we will decide just what kind of country we want to live in and pass down to our children and grandchildren. Do we want to live in a socialist country where wealth is determined by the government? Where you are taxed and punished for being | Read More »

    F/F Bailout authored by Barney Frank & friends has a line item on ALL new mortgages that “charges” $400 as an earmark to be given to ACORN and other like-minded orgs

    Short and sweet: I just heard on Beck tonight that as part of the F/F bailout package, every person who gets a morgage for $100,000 or more is REQUIRED to pay $400 that will be routed to ACORN and ACORN-like organizations! Unbelievable!!! How come this isn’t more widely known? It is an actual line item on your mortgage statement. I am utterly astounded. When did | Read More »

    What every voter needs to consider this November

    I would like to see McCain bring along a copy of the chosen one’s autobiography to the debate tonight and read from the holy gospel according to Barack. There are passages in his book that would make even the most stalwart Obama supporter cringe. And the best part of all is BHO can’t say that it is lies being perpetuated by the vast RWC. It’s | Read More »

    Obama’s record of protecting life of both the Unborn and Born

    I read this article (see link at the end of this diary) today and it made me angry, sad, worried, and frustrated to varying degrees. I cannot believe that this country has strayed so far from its values that we cannot recognize something that is truly evil. It shouldn’t matter whether you are white, black, brown, etc. It shouldn’t matter, also, if you are a | Read More »

    Racism in the race

    While there are a lot of issues concerning Obama that can show him to be the empty suit that he is, I want to address in particualar the double standard in this race, when it comes down to race. The reality is this: IF John McCain, or Sarah Palin belonged to a radical church for 21 YEARS that espoused the same kind of racist hatred, | Read More »

    Chevy Chase aka Mr. Irrelevent

    Chevy Chase has commented that he liked the SNL skit about Palin but said it didn’t go far enough. He said he would like to see an encore where they “really decimate her” Typical comment from one of the Hollywooden heads. I guess he is a bitter man since his own career has gone down the drain. He hasn’t done anything worthwhile since he quit | Read More »

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    Attack and destroy politics

    I see Barack Obama has a new ad criticizing McCain for not being a computer whiz. Which in itself is indicative of just how scattered his campaign has become. This is the big issue of the day? Make fun of his age? He has also found unflattering pictures of McCain from back in the 70’s. I have seen pictures of Obama in tribal head dress | Read More »

    Appalled at Dem Blog site

    I logged in to the Dalykos web site to tweek all the Dems on the demise of the Obama campaign. I found their blog to be filled with disgusting references to McCain and Palin. I am proud of the Red Staters who blog here regularly. I have read some of the most well thought-out blogs on this site. I have yet to read a blog | Read More »

    McCain is a radical! (Boxter quips!)

    I just got through watching Sen. Boxter on Fox News. She called McCain a radical because he is pro-life. I think I am going to send Boxter a copy of the Declaration of Independence. I will highlight, in red in case she hasn’t read this document before, the exact quote: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they | Read More »