Mark Lamprecht is a licensed Southern Baptist Minister, long-time blogger, and the owner of PulpitSupplyPreachers ministry. He lives in Metro-Atlanta with his wife and daughter working full-time during the day while also pursuing a Master of Divinity degree.

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    Accusing Anti-Hillary Voters of Sexism is a Desperate Charge!

    Accusations of sexism were leveled toward anti-Hillary Clinton voters within an hour of Clinton announcing she will seek the presidency in 2016. But those are desperate charges. Think – Sarah Palin! The charge that those who oppose Clinton do so thinking, “I Won’t Vote For Hillary Just Because She’s Running and Female,” are simply ridiculous. Of course, it is never too early to begin painting a false, desperate | Read More »

    Dear Penn Jillette, How Much Do You Have to Hate Somebody to Encourage Their Sin?

    Not long ago, magician and all-around entertainer, Penn Jillette asked, “How much do you have to hate somebody to not proselytize? How much do you have to hate somebody to believe everlasting life is possible and not tell them that?” Jillette, a professed atheist, surprised many with his questions on proselytizing. However, in his recent CNN commentary on Indiana’s RFRA Law, he seems to have | Read More »

    Harry Reid, Racism, and Religion

    In a recent KNPR Radio interview, Senate Majority Leader (D-Nev.) made a racially charged remark against Republicans opposing President Obama. Not only does Reid hope Republicans are not basing their opposition to Obama based on race, but he equates the Tea Party with Anarchists. Yet, Reid’s reasoning should profit his position very little given the Mormon prophet whose teachings he follows. Reid’s Reasoning First, Reid | Read More »

    Why Did Reza Aslan Write ‘Zealot’ About Jesus?

    The interview below from the FoxNews show Spirited Debate between host Lauren Green and author Dr. Reza Aslan has lit an internet fuse. Green, a Christian, interviewed Aslan, a Muslim, about his book Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth. The question has been asked if this is the worst interview Fox has ever done. Some charge Green with holding double-standards when comparing | Read More »