Imre Beke Jr. is a former radio talk show host, having hosted "Right Time Radio" on WKNY 190 AM in Kingston, NY for six years. He is a frequent commentator in print and online on political issue. Imre attended law school in Budapest, Hungary, where he lived for eight years. His personal experiences with modern European Socialism as well as the last gasps of Soviet Communism give him a unique perspective on extremist Leftist abuses of freedom.


    Open Letter to Donald Trump

    Dear Mr. Trump, In all my life, I never imagined that I would be placed in a position where I would have to say what I am going to declare in the ensuing paragraphs. In that respect, sir, you have achieved the heretofore impossible. Not that congratulations should be forthcoming for this dubious achievement. In previous elections – especially those most recent – we have | Read More »

    Pimping the Donald – What is Trump’s Relation to Trump Escorts?

    It has been said that Donald Trump is involved in hundreds of business ventures, either directly or through the licensing of his name. In fact, Trump has stated that of his claimed $10 billion net worth (Forbes places his net worth at a far more modest $4.5 billion), $3 billion consists of his “brand.” It might come as a surprise to some that his name | Read More »

    An Open Letter to Marco Rubio

    Senator Rubio: As the son and grandson of immigrants who fled Soviet tyranny, I understand your empathy for those who want to come to the United States. My mother and her parents left Hungary in the aftermath of World War II, when the country was first occupied by Soviet forces. My father and his mother became refugees following the Revolution of 1956. Both my parents | Read More »

    Borking Obama’s Appointment to the Court

    In 1987, President Ronald Reagan appointed a well qualified Conservative Federal Judge to the Supreme Court. Using a series of lies to back them, the Democrats defeated Robert Bork by a vote of 58-42. Six Republicans voted against his confirmation, including Arlen Specter (who later defected to the Democrat Party) and John Chafee (whose son was elected Governor of Rhode Island, converted to the Democrats | Read More »

    Despite the Myth, Iowa Caucus Winners Do Get Nominated

    The immediate aftermath of the Iowa caucus win by Ted Cruz is a series of excuses by Donald Trump and his supporters. Among the most popular such excuses is the repeated declaration that the Iowa caucuses are not truly significant, that the winner in Iowa does not go on to win the GOP nomination. The problem with this declaration is that it is – in | Read More »

    Effective Filtering Of Those Entering The US Requires Critical Thinking

    North Carolina Governor Nikki Haley’s response to President Obama’s last State of the Union was all but guaranteed to stir up controversy. However, despite her having provided strongly Conservative counterpoints to Obama’s Leftist propaganda, many on the Right are focusing on one particular point in her broadcast. While certain Presidential candidates and their supporters are claiming that Governor Haley made a statement supporting illegal immigration | Read More »

    What Does ISIS Really Want?

    The world was stunned by the attacks on the City of Paris by terrorist butchers on Friday the 13th – November 13, 2015. Like September 11 fourteen years prior, this was not a minor act from which we can simply move on. This is a game changer. There is no question of that. What is a question is how long will the game remain changed | Read More »

    Rove’s Decline In Perspective

    It has been widely reported in recent days that Karl Rove’s various PACs are receiving significantly less money in the form of private donations than they had in past years. In 2012, Rove’s organizations collected an aggregate total of roughly $325 million. In 2013, that number dropped to $6.1 million. While this may be cause for celebration within the Tea Party Movement, in order to | Read More »

    Texas Man Jailed By Feds Over Facebook Ownership Dispute

    In a country where we have become accustomed to judicial injustices being committed on an almost daily basis, Americans might be excused for becoming jaded and assuming that we have seen everything. Yet, the courts always seem to find ways to surprise and shock us. Consider, for example the case of a man in Texas thrown in jail by a Federal Judge because of his | Read More »

    Defending Those Who Defend Us

    Today, a brave man was laid to rest. A police officer in one of the largest police forces in the world. And it breaks my heart to see the photos of his young son at the funeral, to witness his family, his friends and his brothers from all over the USA have to stand with honor and dignity while they are feeling torn apart inside. | Read More »