Imre Beke Jr. is a former radio talk show host, having hosted "Right Time Radio" on WKNY 190 AM in Kingston, NY for six years. He is a frequent commentator in print and online on political issue. Imre attended law school in Budapest, Hungary, where he lived for eight years. His personal experiences with modern European Socialism as well as the last gasps of Soviet Communism give him a unique perspective on extremist Leftist abuses of freedom.


    Let There Be Light!

    As an American, I am dismayed when I look at what our country has become. And yet, as a Christian I remain filled with hope. As long as faith lives,

    What the Establishment Fears

    In a political season filled with twists and turns and surprises, the most significant changes are not the ones which have taken place or which will occur shortly. They are

    Demographics Disprove Fraudulent Palestinian Claims

    Palestinian apologists have been muddying the waters with fallacious claims for decades. Over the past few weeks, those stories have accelerated both in the pace with which they are being

    The Second Amendment Debate and Why We Are Losing It

    We Conservatives are convinced that truth is on our side. And it is. On just about any issue, the debate comes down to facts being presented by the Right and

    Fascism’s True Face

    “People are tired of liberty. They have had a surfeit of it. Liberty is no longer a chaste and austere virgin…. Today’s youth are moved by other slogans…Order, Hierarchy, Discipline.”

    Government Is A Sewer

    Over the past few years, I have repeatedly heard a disturbing mantra from many Conservatives: “I’m sick and tired of voting for the lesser of two evils.” This attitude frightens me because

    Socialized Medicine: A Personal Perspective

    The late 1980s were an exciting time for me. I watched with rapt fascination as the Soviet empire rather suddenly crumbled, imploding as its insides rotted away. You see, I

    An Open Letter to Young Men

    Gentlemen, As a man who is not exactly old but who is certainly old enough to have seen a few things you probably haven’t, I think it is time someone


    The other night, I was flipping through the channels on TV. As usual, I was having difficulty finding anything worth watching. Just as I was about to give up, I