Democrats with no clue, Obama Pelosi Reid Dodd Franks

    They got us into this mess so why won’t the voters get rid of them? McCain and Palin should put names and faces with the mess our country is in. From the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Housing Crisis, Credit Crisis, Feds Management Crisis, National Security Crisis, Two Wars! and last the dismal approval ratings of this do nothing Congress. I’m sorry actually they have done something, | Read More »

    What if?

    We all know that Pelosi and Reid and Obama and the rest of the Liberal leaders are hoping for a Supermajority in all branches of government. Absolute power breeds corruption absolutely!

    Where is Ted?

    The loudest and most liberal democrat and the voice of the democratic party for decades has gone missing….why? and where? It’s not like a Kennedy to sit on the sidelines while the most important presidential race takes place. For that matter, where is Senator Byrd? There was talk of his being hospitalized. Why no word on either of these two democrats? Anyone?……Anyone?…2 more seats.

    We The People…government of the people by the people for the people

    Never before have I seen so much arrogance. A man that plans his victory site before WE THE PEOPLE vote. I would love to see the NYT headline on November 5th read…. McCain wins by landslide……but the follow up would read….Democrats cry foul and racism!

    Hidden Agenda

    Read the Final Call This is a paper published for the Nation of Islam. In it you will find backwoods thinking, hatred and bigotry. This is an organization that wants to have their own country and blame all ills on America and the Jewish people. Read their about beliefs. Thoughts..Plans..Interpretations…Don’t believe rumors but DO….Take Louis Farrakhan at his words….He called Obama the Messiah! Need I | Read More »

    Media and what voters want to know

    **Don’t tell me what I want to know..I’ll tell you. I do care about the candidates associations and character. It is important because I don’t want the codes for our National Security in the hands of a terrorist backed, religious hate filled mind! Never Again! John Ashcroft, the only person in history beaten in an election by a dead man.

    It’s not over until the fat lady sings!

    Be careful crowing too much about winning I love it when the democrats take the GOP to lightly. When the main stream media and the printed press are for a candidate, then you know “that one” is not who Americans want. Time and time again we are told what to like, who to like, who is best for us, and what is best for us. | Read More »

    Well not what?

    What will Congress try to sell us next?Watch and wonder. The leaders that be did not know how to forsee the crisis of financial markets, and yet they stuck their foot in it anyway. Again are we surprised that what the actions of Congress has failed to accomplish? The one thing Congress and the elected officials, some appointed ones as well, are good at is | Read More »

    Americans being held hostage by Congress

    Americans should be outraged at the leaders, and I use that term loosely, because from what I’ve seen they are not leaders at all but Hostage takers! Do nothing to bail out the Americans from the Energy crisis, but bail out the largest stock market fraud, i.e. Fannie and Freddie, controlled by whom? (Black Caucus of congress). *The mortgage lenders of Fannie and Freddie are | Read More »

    Only for the ordinary people

    Accountability in Politics Now that is the ultimate OXYMORON! Why is it every time there is a meltdown the politicians in Washington scream…..We need accountability for the leaders of the institutions that fail…from the SNL, to Electricity, Banking and Financial institutions….Tele-communications….Mortage lenders….Stock Market traders…. Here is an idea, how about accountability of the elected officials in Washington and every state in the country..Let’s start taking | Read More »