Some thoughts on the coming collapse of the United States of America

    I recently found myself on a long plane ride with too much time to think.   This is what happened. Good Government requires Good People. It seems like this would be obvious, and yet it escapes most of us.  PJ O’Rourke pointed out in his 1997 book  “Eat the Rich” that Sweden had  prospered in the past by having both good government and good people:  | Read More »

    Haw haw haw, Ed

    Ed Schultz is on his leftard radio show right now, complaining about … wait for it …  EXCESSIVE GOVERNMENT REGULATION. Yes, you heard that right.    Apparently Ed Schultz, noted socialist, has a private lake.  (What, you don’t?)   And on that private lake he has a dock.   And around his dock he has something called a “weed roller” to keep his dock area weed-free so | Read More »

    Naked Lefties Running Wild

    Something a little offbeat for you small-government types who may be feeling put upon with all the Jeb Bush 2016 talk.   (Sorry for the click-bait title.) It might seem strange to use a weird Japanese anime (animated series) as a metaphor for what America and small-government conservatives have gone through in the past few years.   But I think it fits.  The anime series | Read More »

    Today in Lefty Obamacare Propaganda

    The Left has been spinning furiously since October 1, trying to cover for the grotesque collapse of Obamacare and the exposure of the lies that were used to pass it (“If you like your healthcare you can keep it.”) The latest from Obama Reichspropagandaapparat mouthpiece “Shoutin Ed” Schultz is this:   You should be grateful that your old insurance was cancelled under Obamacare, because your old | Read More »

    It’s difficult to be a Republican right now

    Erick Erickson stole most of my thunder with his post here but I’m going to post this anyway, because I worked hard on it.  So there.   What a frustrating time to be a Republican. As I understand it (and I could be wrong here) there used to be two distinct flavors of “Republicans” – there was the “social conservative,” who was primarily concerned with social | Read More »

    The Tenth Amendment Center could use some help

    The Tenth Amendment to the US Constitution is the final amendment contained in the Bill of Rights: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. Seems simple enough.   It says “If it’s not in here, Feds, it’s none of your damn business.”    But | Read More »

    Attention Republicans: Please Shut Up

    Why do Republicans continue to answer “gotcha” questions about abortion, rape, incest and teen pregnancy? Attention, Republicans: You should realize by now that the only reason reporters (or anyone else) asks these questions is to get you to stick your feet in your mouth. No matter how sincere, how honest, or even how technically true your answers may be, you’ll look like a vile, knuckle-dragging | Read More »

    The Longest Day

    I just bought, and watched, “The Longest Day” on Amazon. I’d seen it before. It was made in 1962 by producer Darryl F. Zanuck, and stars approximately the entire population of Hollywood and large parts of Europe, I think. (Partial list: Edward Albert, Paul Anka, Richard Burton, Red Buttons… but I digress.) It’s not a great movie, by the standards of the ages. It’s too | Read More »

    Economics is Hard for Girls [Updated]

    [Update:  I got quite a lot of negative feedback about the “tone” of this entry.  I admit I was ticked off when I wrote it and probably should have let it sit for a day or so.   Having said that, I stand by the point, which I think is valid.   However, I do confess to being, as one commenter said, “tone deaf.”  ] | Read More »

    Living in “Brazil”

    In 1985 director Terry Gilliam (of “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” fame) released a movie called “Brazil.”   If you’ve never seen it, track it down and watch it.   It makes the case against Big Government more eloquently (and horrifyingly) than anything else I’ve ever seen.   In the first five minutes of the movie, the following things happen (remember, this movie was made thirty | Read More »