Why be “Nice?”

    “I do know that, first, you have to get mad.” — Howard Beale in “Network” I recently mentioned Ann Coulter in a diary entry and was surprised to get some comments back saying things like “I cringe when she opens her mouth” and “she comes across as shrill and fighting for the sake of fighting.”  Let me address that and come to the defense of | Read More »

    An Open Letter to Reince Priebus, the RNC and Republican Leaders in General

    I just finished filling out my 2013 “State of the Republican Party Survey” which the GOP mailed to me (probably paid for with some of my generous contributions from last year.)    So, since you asked for my opinions, I’m going to include some thoughts which the survey didn’t have room for. First:  Less direct mail. During the last election season,  I was bombarded by | Read More »

    You’re Missing the Point, Republican “Leaders”

    In the 1984 movie “All of Me,” starring Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin, there’s a hilarious and very telling scene about “missing the point” that illustrates what’s going on with the sequester, Republicans, and the media. The movie’s plot is complicated, but it boils down to a critical scene where Lily Tomlin and Steve Martin are arguing over whether they should sleep with young, beautiful | Read More »

    Why Rush’s caller was discouraged

    I’m using another diary as a jumping-off point for this.   I hope the author doesn’t mind. From this diary: It is open line Friday on the Rush Limbaugh show and a caller makes the case that there is no hope to defeat Obama. So Rush asks him, “do you think that the administration will continue to deficit spend and that the debt will continue | Read More »

    Christopher Dorner, the Left’s Newest Martyr

    I listen to a lot of talk radio.   I listen to left-wing talk radio, and I listen to right wing talk radio.   Mostly I just have it on as background noise, a kind of low-level audio equivalent of the “headline crawl” that runs across the bottom of your TV screen while you watch the news.   Today, I heard something on KPFK  (Los | Read More »

    If Romney Had [censored] This Big, He’d Be President Now

    Ezra Levant is the founder of Canada’s Western Standard, which used to be a print publication but I hear is now online-only (a shame).    In 2008, he was sued and dragged before one of Canada’s ironically-named “Human Rights Commissions” on charges of, basically, upsetting Muslims by publishing the infamous “Muhammed Cartoons.”     (The complaint was eventually dropped.) Ezra Levant is not a household name | Read More »

    Stop Apologizing, Please

    Google the words “republican apologizes” and you’ll get (approximately) 3,480,000 results.   Google the words “democrat apologizes” and you’ll get 1,920,000 results.   The obvious conclusion is that Republicans spend a lot more time apologizing for things.  The question is:  Why?   As conservatives, we are (I hope!) convinced that our ideas are sound, and that they represent the way forward for America if our country is to | Read More »

    The reasons for Romney’s loss – and America’s

    Republicans don’t seem to be taking the 2012 election losses well.   I hear that some of us are off at a retreat somewhere, plotting a comeback of some kind.   Others (like me) have stopped contributing any more money to the GOP for a while (I gave, too generously, in 2012).   Still others are no doubt curled into a ball, weeping uncontrollably.   | Read More »

    The Best Way To Lose On the Debt Ceiling

    In the 1984 film “Revenge of the Nerds”, the heroes (the nerds) line up for a tug-of-war competition with the villains (the football team). Outnumbered and seriously overmatched, they’re facing certain defeat, and the humiliation of being dragged through a large mud puddle. They deal with it brilliantly: When the starter’s gun goes off, they let go of the rope.  The football team tumbles to the | Read More »

    Handy pro-gun talking points

    “THE GUN SHOW LOOPHOLE ALLOWS CRIMINALS TO GET GUNS.” Only 0.7% of criminals got their guns from a “gun show.” Yes, that’s less than one percent. 40% got their guns from “family or friends” and another 40% got them from “street/illegal sources”. Only 20% of guns used in the commission of crimes were actually purchased anywhere. So closing the dreaded, demonic “gun show loophole” won’t | Read More »