Do black lives matter?

    Do black lives matter? A suggested response for Republican Presidential candidates.

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    The SENTINEL Newsletter – A Model for Republican Publications

    This was posted this morning on’s daily briefing. The SENTINEL Newsletter Posted February 16, 2013 Editor’s note: This is one newsletter that I  look forward to each and every month. The tagline says it all, “The Trade  Journal of Constitutional Republicans”. I wish every Republican  publication in America was as dedicated to first principles as The SENTINEL. My good friends, editors Terrell and | Read More »


    Cuba Warns America – Obama Using Castro’s Playbook

    Cuban immigrant, Pete Diaz, warns America that Obama and his “czars” are fast-tracking America to becoming a socialist country, or worse. Pete details the striking similarities of how Fidel Castro “fundamentally transformed” Cuba into socialism and how the Obama administration is using the same playbook.   Read Pete’s story at:

    Dr. Donna Campbell is Right to Oppose Obamacare

    Dr. Campbell has stated “I oppose Obamacare and will make every effort to create a firewall against the unconstitutional encroachment on our great state”. It is true that Obamacare is unconstitutional and for that reason alone it should not be law in Texas. The Supreme Court ruled that the individual mandate was constitutional and some of the funding provisions were unconstitutional however the totality of | Read More »

    Mr. Romney – Get Busy, Sir!

    Mr. Romney, you were not the first choice of all conservative Tea Partiers and Republicans, but all have come to embrace your candidacy. We were not all happy when you attacked good people like Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich but, realizing that our Republican candidate would have to go up against a street fighter, we were encouraged that you seemed to posses these skills. Yet | Read More »

    Operation Swing State just sent out a newsletter announcing “Operation Swing State” that is definitely worth taking a look at. Their plan, Operation Swing State, is so simple that anyone and any group can easily get in the fight to help Mitt Romney win in November over Obama. The plan is simply arranging phone calling “parties” for the Romney campaign targeting voters in the key swing states. | Read More »

    JoAnn Fleming Slams Patrick Over Dewhurst Endorsement

    JoAnn Fleming, Chair of the TEA Party Caucus Advisory Committee in Texas has come out swinging on State Senator Dan Patrick over his endorsement of David Dewhurst for US Senator. She made it very clear that Patrick does not speak for the TEA Party Advisory Committee and that she does NOT support David Dewhurst. The following is the press release sent out by Fleming and | Read More »

    Tea Party Targeted by Left Wing ABC Character Assassins

    It might be unfair to single out ABC in this affair. They just happened to be carrying the flag on this particular day. This is an election year. For the agenda driven left leaning news media, any excuse to attack conservative values, better yet conservatives themselves, specifically Tea Partiers, will do. Before the last echo of the shots which turned movie premiere night for the | Read More »

    Congress Seeks To Establish George Orwell’s “Ministry of Truth”

    Posted with the permission of KrisAnne Hall Congress Seeks To Establish Ministry of Truth By KrisAnne Hall May 22, 2012   Once again, the National Defense Authorization Act is used as a Trojan horse to unload  a dangerous threat on America.  This time it is offered up in an amendment sponsored by Representative Thornberry from Texas and it’s called Dissemination of Information Abroad.  This bill has also been referred | Read More »

    Senator Robert Nichols Dubbed Mr. Trans Texas Corridor

    Under the influence of lobbyists for private companies, State Senator Robert Nichols sold out Texas citizens by actively supporting the massive give-away of Texas assets known as the Trans Texas Corridor. As you may recall, the TTC called for 4000 miles of infrastructure corridors crisscrossing Texas. These corridors were to be the width of four football fields and carry everything from cars and trucks to | Read More »