Like Sen. Chambliss, Rep. Kenny Marchant Stands for Free Speech on the Issue of SWATting

(H/T: Twitchy)

Yesterday, I mentioned that one of my own Senators, Saxby Chambliss, had called on the DOJ to investigate the SWATting attempts to silence free speech from conservative bloggers. Today, we find a representative joining his ranks, Rep. Kenny Marchant (R-TX-24). The statement released by his office says, in part:

“I have written a letter demanding Attorney General Holder and the Justice Department fully investigate these SWAT-tings. These hoaxes are clearly intended to silence speech and rational political discourse and incite fear amongst those associated with a targeted blogger. These incidents also spread local law enforcement resources thinly. Any attempt to suppress free speech is one that ought to be taken seriously, and I will lend my voice and support to this cause to ensure that no one’s constitutional rights are violated, no matter what their political beliefs are. No one should be subjected to this treatment and I will not allow SWAT-tings to go unaddressed by the Justice Department.”

This is excellent news, and like Sen. Chambliss, Rep. Marchant has included his letter to AG Holder in the press release. Like Sen. Chambliss’, it’s definitely worth a read. What also might be useful to note is that unlike Chambliss, the Republicans have a majority in the House, so there might be a greater chance of something happening there.

What’s almost as important to note is the amount of time it took him to get to work on the issue. From @ali on Twitter (a man I have had the pleasure of meeting in Statesboro):

I talked with Congressman Marchant personally today. He was shocked and put his staff on the work within 10 mins. 

I suspect our Republican Representatives and Senators don’t condone SWATting, but as this tweet indicates, they’ve probably never had the issue brought to their attention. Let’s get on it and get in touch with them, both Senators and Representatives. We have to make sure they know what this despicable tactic is.

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