How Hard Would THIS Be???

    How hard would THIS BE, Mr. Boehner. Mr. McConnell…. Mr. President, we have called this press conference to tell you and the American People that Congress will fund each and every part of the government, with the ONLY exception being ObamaCare, otherwise known as the Affordable Care Act. To repeat: we will be funding everything except this horrible law that the American people DID NOT | Read More »

    The American people must reconcile rejecting our first Black president

    If you’re a middle-aged White guy like me, you likely grew up from the birth of your understanding with Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream inculcated to you as an assumed virtue; never to leave you. “I have a dream, that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by | Read More »

    An Essential “Otherness”: Why Obama’s Dog-Eating is 100% Relevant

    There’s been much back-and-forth between campaigns and surrogates over the Seamus-on-the-roof / Obama-ate-puppies controversy for the past week or so. Funny stuff, huh? Pictures flying over the web of doggies in buns about to be consumed by the President; jokes about “German Shepherd’s Pie”… The Obama campaign committed a welcome unforced error by attacking the Seamus angle, thereby opening itself to the ensuing proliferation of | Read More »

    Suicide in the Face of Death vs. Fighting to Live

    Please bear with me here, because I’ll be drawing some analogies directly related to the November 2012 election. We are most thrown out of our comfort zones when we are faced with circumstances beyond our control. Nothing exemplifies this more profoundly than people fighting cancer. Most of us have known them and loved them, or perhaps you’ve even been one of them. Some have lived, | Read More »

    Boy Burned in Racial Attack (But he doesn’t look like Obama’s fictitious son, so nevermind)

    The shooting of 17 year-old Trayvon Martin by neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman (dubbed a “White-Hispanic” by the media, just to make sure the race angle can realize its full divisive potential) is a tragic event. All decent people surely feel the pain of the boy’s family as they grieve the loss of their young man. But many un-decent people are working overtime to use the | Read More »

    Hey President Obama: Give Bill Maher his $1,000,000 donation back, now

    This is a message to President Barack Obama – that “charming” “nice guy” that “everybody likes”; that gosh darn regular fella of whom everyone seems prone to assume the best of intentions; that wonderful family man who chooses hypocrisy over public school for his two lovely daughters; that doting husband of an accomplished wife with highly-toned upper arms, a love for travel, and fashion sense | Read More »

    Governor Walker. Hang this debacle around Obama’s neck.

    Imagine for a moment an alternate universe, where a Democrat governor and Democrat state legislature have their state capitol besieged by violent Tea Party protesters (Like I said, alternate universe). Imagine that those protesters agitating for a conservative agenda rushed police trying to secure the capitol; smashed windows; broke doors off hinges; locked other doors from the inside with handcuffs; threatened to disallow legislators into | Read More »

    A Deadly Double Standard

    As I write of double standards in regards to the differential between the establishment Left’s treatment of the Tea Party protests and the recent onslaught of pro-public sector union protests, everyone who I care to receive this message already knows what I’m talking about. Therefore I am not going to bother linking to the multitude of videos of peaceful Tea Party protests or violent union | Read More »

    The 10/2 “One Nation” Rally: Radicals Stand Shoulder to Shoulder with Democrats

    The Radicals ARE the Democrats ARE the Radicals I have long contended that for a vast swath of Americans who consider themselves Democrats, the Democrat party is – to put it mildly – an illogical home. These people believe that Democrats are for “the little guy”, and that Republicans are not. Their socio-economic and racial background is diverse, and every bit as representative of middle-America | Read More »

    Here it comes: The Mainstreaming of Polygamy

    Through all the years and countless arguments I’ve had with Leftist supporters of the radical homosexual agenda, a consistent argument I’ve used against homosexual marriage has been that the very definition of marriage is the familial unification between one man and one woman, and that deviating from that concrete definition undermines societal structure. We proponents of traditional marriage assert that the lengths a society must | Read More »