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    Turn it into a Movie

    Millennials are a bit problematic when it comes to the news and politics.  They get their news from buzzfeed while also watching cat videos (on the same site, raising the site’s profile and making it seem more legitimate.)  They hear about politics from their Überlib professors.  They learn about culture from television and movies.  The latter category, I believe, would be the most effective way of | Read More »

    News from Georgia: dozens killed, hundreds maimed by fireworks…. wait, no they weren’t

    Georgia only recently legalized actual fireworks.  Erick has talked about the issue on his radio program before (WSB really needs to give him the 7:00 hour every night) arguing that Georgia needed to legalize the good fireworks.  We finally did, and last night, they were going off.  While I’m not best pleased that they upset my dogs (who have never encountered actual fireworks before and thought | Read More »

    Can I vote for a Conservative now?

    I should probably open this my admitting my shame and coming out of the closet as a… millennial.  I was born in 1989, and my first Presidential election was in 2008.  I didn’t like McCain, but I held my nose and voted for him anyway, because I figured anyone was better than Obama.  Experience has demonstrated the validity of that assertion, but I digress… In | Read More »

    Self-Identification and the Future of Identity Politics

    I promised myself I wouldn’t write anything about the whole Jenner sex change thing, so I’m going to step over that tripwire and address the larger cause behind this latest symptom: self-identification. A lot of the folks saying they are men in women’s bodies (or vice versa) say they “self-identify” as whatever they imagine they are today (when I was eleven years old, I “self-identified” | Read More »

    A Change of Face in Georgia

    Full disclosure: I’ve not been fond of Nathan Deal for a few years now.  My chagrin began when he started the cluster-[CENSORED] that is the Georgia University system consolidation.  It took a bunch of colleges and merged them, which has improved nothing and has led to more than a few problems, but I digress.  Short version: when I voted in the last election, it was | Read More »

    Liberals’ Faith in the Supreme Court Unshakeable*

    I was reading another RedState contributor’s diary, and I noticed that as a result of his lack of knowledge of the Constitution, Chris Wallace stated, “when the Supreme Court rules, it rules.”  This could be enough to pour oil on troubled waters in a freshman college classroom (or on NBC, for those familiar enough with both to know the difference) but it doesn’t track historically, | Read More »

    Words in a book have little real power

    America has had its share of strange laws.  In some areas, it may be illegal for a woman to drive a wagon after dark without a lantern on the left side of the wagon, fry chicken on Sunday, carry an ice cream cone in your back pocket, or cross the state line with a duck on one’s head.  These laws are profoundly outmoded, and rather | Read More »

    ATF Fumbles Again

    More details on yet another ATF Boondoggle, courtesy of Mr. Streiff’s diary. Short version: it’s Fast and Furious all over again.  Does anyone remember Operation Black Biscuit?  For those of you that don’t, here’s a little recap: Undercover operation (those never go well for the ATF, do they?) to infiltrate the Hells Angels motorcycle club in 2002. Nailed several low-level bikers on RICO charges, but higher-ranking | Read More »

    ‘Tis but a scratch

    “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake”. ~Napoleon Bonaparte. (BrainyQuote) As the 2014 elections draw closer, it seems more and more likely that the Democrats have two strategic options: 1) an all-out assault on Republicans, slinging as much mud as they can, ideally adding a few rocks to their mud by recording a Republican candidate saying something stupid, which they then apply | Read More »

    Regime Change ≠ New Direction

    Despite what some may claim, there is indeed a dime’s worth of difference between the two parties.  Just don’t expect to find it among the party’s elite. The party leadership insists that they must be supported to win, despite spitting in our faces whenever they get the chance.  The recent campaign debacle in Mississippi recently brought this issue to a head, leading some to declare | Read More »