Mandatory training For NIH personnel – Environmental Indoctrination

    ACTION: Mandatory Environmental Awareness Training – Due December 10, 2010 HHS is once again requiring a mandatory training. This training will take only 20 minutes and it has a deeply impacting message on the environment, something that affects us all. NIH has implemented the NIH Environmental Management System (NEMS) and is now requiring that all employees and contractors complete the mandatory “NIH Environmental Awareness Management | Read More »

    Use of your tax dollars… World Cup

    Event Details: Recent interest in the World Cup has produced a significant increase in the amount of Internet traffic.  This is beginning to have an impact on the mission of NIH, as it is consuming bandwidth necessary for other tasks.  NIH is monitoring this situation, and will block websites that stream World Cup games if the impact to NIH becomes severe.  NIH is requesting that | Read More »

    LGBT email lists at Federal Agencies

    I received my second email from LGBT event at NIH in a week. I asked to be removed from the list and was told it could not happen. The problem I have with this group being able to give speeches and hold lectures, is the LGBT is a political group that supports DNC and shouldn’t be classified as a nonprofit. Nor can I as an | Read More »

    Reply from Congressman Van Hollen

    Thank you for contacting me to express your opposition to cap and trade legislation. I appreciate knowing your views on this important issue. I believe that we need to shift our energy strategy away from fossil fuels and toward cleaner, renewable sources. Such a shift would increase our national security by reducing our dependence on foreign fuels and create new jobs in a clean, green | Read More »

    Email from Secretary Sebelius on pushing Sen. Kenndy health care

    HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius issued the following statement today: “I join Americans across the country in mourning the death of Senator Edward M. Kennedy and extending my deepest condolences to the Kennedy family. The Kennedys are a part of my family’s political history. I vividly remember my parents’ joyous celebration when President Kennedy was elected in 1960. I was proud to serve as one of | Read More »

    Letter from Senator Ben Cardin on Cap and Trade

    Dear Mr. Adams: Thank you for contacting me about your concerns over a cap-and-trade bill. As a member of the Senate Environment & Public Works Committee, I believe that global warming is a major threat to both our nation and the world and that bold action is needed. Dramatically reducing our greenhouse gas emissions is essential to protecting the planet, the public’s health, and our | Read More »

    A Message from the Secretary: Announcing President Obama’s Call to Service

    I am writing to tell you about an exciting new summer service initiative created by the Corporation for National and Community Service in coordination with the White House, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and other federal agencies.  Earlier this week, in a video message, President Obama officially announced the initiative, United We Serve, encouraging Americans to create meaningful change in their communities by | Read More »