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    I’m John McCain

    My fellow Americans, I have spent my life in service to this nation that I love. I was willing to die to protect her and I remain endlessly committed to her in all ways. Following my time in the military I entered Congress and have spent the last twenty years of my life proving that I am committed to the success of her citizens and | Read More »


    Does this make me a racist?

    And, yeah, it’s safe for work. Even though it is … oh, I’d better not say what I think of Howard Stern or this diary won’t be. For those of you guys with dial-up, Howard Stern’s man goes out into Harlem and asks people whom they support. When he finds an Obama supporter, he attributes McCain’s positions to him and asks if that is why | Read More »

    We are screwed.

    So, they have just come out and announced a deal. It will be presented tomorrow. Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and especially Chuckie Schumer can’t wipe those excrement eating grins off their faces, so this is all bad. Roy Blunt wouldn’t even commit to supporting anything. He said we would just have to wait and see what came out on paper and he would present it | Read More »


    Civilian boots on the ground

    Just to brag on our local party and the things we are doing to win elections. We had a little meeting tonight to listen to a phone call from the McCain campaign, clean up the office and talk about our game plan for the election. Our big push is to improve our turnout. On election day we call Republicans and remind them to vote. It | Read More »

    Nancy Boyda, liar, Kansas

    Nancy Boyda defeated Republican Jim Ryun for the Kansas 2nd Congressional seat in 2006. She is running this year against Lynn Jenkins. Boyda is a perfectly good democrat who has refused to break ranks with Pelosi on her energy intransigence. So, I’m coming home this evening and hear a commercial on the radio from Boyda, discussing how she is going to run a good clean | Read More »