[Smoke on the Yangtze]

[The Stones reference was too easy]

Whatdaya think folks? This joker wasted a lot of time generating this. Should we just set phasers on “vaporize”?

It’s amazing how low standards have fallen at Ivy League schools, if someone has so much free time on their hands to do this rather than study. But then again, lots of Ivy Leaguers have lots of family money banked up already, and won’t have to deal with the double-digit unemployment that will fall on us regular Joes (!) if they get their wish to import the barren and collapsing and defenseless euro-weenie welfare quagmire….

[Answer: you set phasers to vaporize. They have their own sites to play with. - ML]

[Thanks Moe - for validating my instincts! I'll pull the trigger myself next time. Amazing how little education goes on in the ivy league (sick) these days. Also funny how this kind of euro-preaching comes from people who've probably never been there. I've likely been to europe more times in the past six weeks than all of them combined have. The old socialist europe they worship is dying; the newer europe is frantically trying to de-socialize (from the full-strength article) and get itself back together enough to survive.

I guess to lefties, europe is like women - they can worship from a distance, but never get close contact.

Meanwhile, enjoy some Albanian folk dancing. :-) ]


I occasionally write diaries for dailykos. You can now stop reading [Sure! - Moe Lane, who did not write the earlier part of this. Or, honestly, read the remainder: the odd phrase here and there that I caught out of the corner of my eye pretty much made such an exercise in tedium redundant. Instead, enjoy this video of Smoke on the Yangtze.]

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