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The leftist's for Obama better wake-up

The leftist’s for Obama should realize who they are for.People (and I use the term loosely) like Obama as you have seenhave no trouble throwing people under the bus.The closer you get to Obama the easier it is to throw you.

Here are some other Blogs around that get to the point.

Song sung for Obama followers

Barry Soetoro/Barack Obama plans to change the world?How so?

By using his Kenyan citizenship to help Cousin Odinga,
the ethnic cleanser, promote Sharia Law, and ensure
safe harbor for anti-American terrorists in African countries?

By trading the human rights of West Papuans in exchange
for disappearing his Indonesian Citizenship?

By capitalizing on his relationship with Nation of Islam leader
Louis Farrakhan, who proclaimed that Obama is “The Messiah”
and the “hope of the entire world”, and who has launched
a “new beginning” for the Nation of Islam in….where else?….Chicago.

By collaborating with his pals Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn
on how to realize Saul Alinsky’s lessons in community
organizing to agitate for “change”?

By shifting priorities in the Middle East, to end
“decades of putting Israel’s interests first?”By attacking inside Pakistan, with or without
approval of the Pakistani government?We’re just wondering, Barry. What exactly are you
planning to do to “Change the World?”

Of Obama, Odinga, Qadafi, al Bakri, Farrakhan, Wright, USAfrica, and al Qaeda

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