Make Your Own Tax Code Open Thread

    In honor of tax day I am proposing my own tax code.  It is obvious to everyone who’s paying attention that anybody, including your average third grader, could come up with a tax code that makes more sense than our current code.  As a result, this is an open thread for all new tax suggestions with the following parameters: it must fit on a cocktail | Read More »


    Safe, Independent, and Free

    Never a day goes by that another commentator does not fill our ears with prophesies of doom and gloom for the future of our nation and our party.  They look at the mess we’re in and just throw their hands in the air and say “I guess the government’s going to have to bail us out.”  They look at the election returns and say that | Read More »

    The Only Thing Worse Than a Democrat Policy…

    Shock, outrage, and blasphemy! These are the responses of our friends in the media and around the world who are beside themselves with disbelief that the Messiah is currently behind in the presidential race and is now looking like he could, Earth Goddess forbid, lose the election. What’s even better is that their response to being in a hole is to keep digging, which of | Read More »

    Let’s Amend the Constitution

    One of the most stubborn areas of political debate today concerns the Supreme Court and its power to legislate or “interpret the law” as they prefer to call it. The result is that the Court is creating political issues that cannot be resolved through the political process. There is also the ongoing problem of earmarking during appropriations and the always problematic federal budgeting process. I | Read More »