CPA near Atlanta, GA. When I was in 5th. grade, I went to the local Republican HQ to get a Goldwater for President button. They told me that they cost 50 cents apiece. I figured that was too much and I left. I was the most tightwad conservative in the room even then!


    Libya Update

    So, who are the rebels? This is the same as asking if we win, then who wins in Libya? This is a really big unknown. Surfing through all of the news reports on the Libyan Civil War, the story that we would expect to see is the very one we do not. The one definite thing we know is that when the British sent in | Read More »


    Libya Background Briefing

    View Larger Map As we watch the civil war in Libya, here’s a few facts to refer to. Population 5 million Fertility rate: 2.8 Monetary Unit: Libyan dinar (LD) GDP: 106,000 million LD or $87,000 million US$. US GDP: $14,000 billion International reserves: $92,507 million US Exchange rate (LD to US$) 1.2 Libya fact: Armed forces: army 50,000 + 8,000 navy + 18,000 air force | Read More »


    Egypt’s Treasury Looted (Very Old Story)

    One of the advantages of blogging is that I sometimes come across some very cool stuff. For example, I came acoss this story in Herodotus about what must be ranked as one the great heists in history. (a) This king, they said, got great wealth of silver, which none of the kings born after him could surpass or even come near to; and wishing to | Read More »


    New Republican Chairman in Georgia County

    Attended my first county convention in 10 years yesterday. Governor Nathan Deal spoke. A bunch of resolutions were passed. There was a right-to-life resolution which combined abortion with a whole bunch of other issues. It narrowly passed. 300+ people attended. Cobb County is located northwest of Atlanta, Georgia. It is generally considered to be the heart of the Republican strength in the state. Democratic voting | Read More »


    Unions Threaten Wisconsin Businesses

    In retribution for the public employees bill in Wisconsin, unions, led by the Wisconsin Professional Police Association delivered ultimatums last week to businesses (we do not know how many). Their ultimatum set a deadline of March 17 to either come out in opposition to the Republicans in their state or else suffer a boycott. The letter also listed a number of business organizations including the | Read More »


    Tricia Pridemore for Georgia GOP Chair

    Going to see Patricia Pridemore tonight. She’s running for state chair of the Republican Party. County GOP convention is tomorrow. I plan on going. She seems to be the most active. She has certainly been extremely active in the party going back many years. I realize that this is just my perspective. Since the county conventions are tomorrow, I’d like anybody else’s views on who | Read More »

    The Devil Made Obama Do It

    Re: Gitmo. The new spin is that the Republicans made him follow Bush’s policies. – An excuse for everything but . . . Can there be anything to this? Remember Reagan’s deficits were accompanied by loud cries in the establishment media about how necessary for him to “compromise and cooperate” with the Democrats in Congress. In his time, the Democrats controlled the House and also | Read More »

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    Will Durant Visits the Pyramids

    A little perspective on Egypt and its role in history from the author of the epic series “History of Civilization” We stand where Caesar and Napoleon stood, and remember that fifty centuries look down upon us; where the Father of History came four hundred years before Caesar, and heard the tales that were to startle Pericles. A new perspective of time comes to us, two | Read More »


    How Hard Will Obama’s Re-election Be?

    Tony Blankley reminds us that Obama enjoys the incumbent’s advantages. He also reminds us that these advantages depends upon other factors. I identify 3 major policy areas which , which are likely to be disadvantageous to the President. I predict that these 3 areas will not be to the incumbent’s advantage in 2012. Bad/good Economic times are a factor. Obama has gotten a lot of | Read More »

    House Hearings on Muslim Radicals

    Let’s have a little historical perspective on the King Hearings in the House on radicalization of Muslims in America. Last century the Ku Klux Klan sponsored domestic terrorism and it recruited its members from mainly Christian churches. Our country dealt with this quaisi-Christian threat without going all anti-Christian; we can do the same thing with the quaisi-Muslim threat we face this century. First step is | Read More »