They Broke It. They Can Fix It.

    In Obamacare we have a rare opportunity to observe liberalism at its purest and most transparent. The few are benefiting directly because of the pain of the many. There are no agencies to cloak intentions or hide the transfer of wealth that we are witnessing, and no spin can obscure the fact that liberalism is a zero-sum game – for some to benefit, others must | Read More »

    Congratulations Mr. Obama – Mission Accomplished!

    For those of us who have not been duped into denying we see what we see and hear what we hear – “Red line? I didn’t draw the red line. The world drew the red line. Is my credibility on the line? No sir – the world’s credibility is on the line.” – we will recall how Barack Obama got elected. He ran his campaign | Read More »

    God as first responder, then prop

    When I heard about the interfaith prayer service scheduled for today, I paused. And grimaced. And I am still uneasy. In this country, it seems we have God secured behind a piece of glass in the hallway that reads “Use only in emergency”. When someone mentions God in daily life, they are accused of intolerance. If they do so in public life, the condemnation is | Read More »

    The President Admits The “Recovery” Is Smoke And Mirrors

    In my view, true recovery is one that has a lasting foundation of effective business policies, fiscal sanity and monetary restraint. A Democrat recovery, we now know, is a house of cards created and sustained by writing hundreds of billions of dollars in hot checks (h/t – Lloyd Bentsen). Don’t believe me? Here is what the President had to say today: But we’ve also seen | Read More »

    NYPD Foils Liberal Terrorist Plot

      From Fox News online: A Manhattan couple was facing weapons charges Monday after authorities said they found a substance used to make bombs and papers titled “The Terrorist Encyclopedia” in their Greenwich Village apartment. Morgan Gliedman, 27, and her 31-year-old boyfriend, Aaron Greene, were arrested on weapons-possession charges Saturday after officers with a search warrant discovered a plastic container with 7 grams of HMTD, | Read More »

    Is the ACLU responsible for the massacre in Newtown? (repost)

    Originally posted 1/9/2011 in response to the shootings at the Gabriel Giffords rally in Arizona. It seems as though the mother of Adam Lanza was going to seek to have him committed to a psychiatric facility, and that was the trigger for his psychotic break and subsequent murderous rampage. I wonder if she would have felt more empowered and acted sooner if the ACLU wasn’t | Read More »

    If I were John Boehner

    “Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming to this press conference on such short notice. You were told that there is a deal regarding the fiscal cliff, and that is correct. The deal is what President Obama signed last year. Taxes are going up on everyone, and the mandatory cuts will take effect. In light of this, I am sure all of you will be | Read More »

    One Very Serious Thing For Liberals To Think About As They Gloat

    Let’s turn back the clock to 2000 – the election that Al Gore wanted so badly to win. Let’s ask ourselves a question. If 9/11 had happened when Al Gore was President, where would the Democrat Party be right now? Would there even be a Democrat Party, without having George Bush to blame for not “connecting the dots”? Knowing Bill Clinton had Bin Laden in | Read More »

    If Romney Wins, Expect These Headlines

    2012: “Obama Blames Romney “Lies” in First Debate For Loss” “Matthews Critical But Stable, Maddow Missing, Shultz In Rehab” “CIA Blows Whistle On Benghazi, Panetta Calls Them ‘Unpatriotic'” “Park Service Employees Not Needed For Inauguration Clean Up, Tea Party Blamed” “Golf Courses Prepare For Obama Absence, Look To Borrow To Make Up Shortfall” 2013 “Obama’s Policies Kick In, Economy Turns Around” “Media Admits To Coddling | Read More »

    One More Post Before A Break

    Time to prepare – either for a new addition and renovations to our home, which we have been overdue for, or cancelling that project and focusing on survival. I’ll do both for a while, then pick which one to pursue after November 7th. I think my suggestion to all of us is to concentrate fully on our own circle of influence. Be happy warriors, but | Read More »

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