My Pledge To President – Elect Barack Hussein Obama and The American Left

And I mean it.

I pledge to give our new President and his supporters the exact same respect and support that has been afforded President George Bush and Republicans. Starting today.

Speaking of Republicans, abandoning conservative principles, the base and fellow elected Republicans has been such a great electoral strategy I believe we should work on perfecting it before the next election cycle. I would mention this to the leadership of the Republican Party if I just knew who they were on the local, state and national level.

One last thing before I take a break, and this is a message to Republican moderates. I woul like for you to drive to Washington D.C., and stand in the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue (the very middle, as would be appropriate for your political stances). Take a look at each end of the street, and tell me who will occupy both buildings come January 20th. Then tell me how the “New Tone” and moderate positions have worked so well, because I would really like to hear this.

That’s all. If anyone wants some deer sausage, let me know.

All the best.Jack

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