Not Accepting The Premise: How Romney Can Still Capture Our Hearts And Minds

During the Cold War, their was a period of time when detente’ was the policy of the United States and Russia. They kept what was theirs, we kept what was ours, we met and signed treaties every now and then and simply agreed to disagree. The worthless agreements worked on our end because the Doomsday Clock got turned back a few minutes, always good publicity, and they worked on the Soviet’s end because they got to take a break from trying to figure out how to make the missiles fly and the bombs to explode over here instead of over there.

At that time, the premise was that Communism and the Soviet Bloc was here to stay and we would simply have to mind our own business and try not to piss anybody off. Well, maybe we could make our athletes mad when we boycotted the Olympics, but you have to take a stand sometimes, right?

Then along came a guy who did not accept the premise. He called the Soviet Union what it was – an “evil empire” – and believed with all his heart that the Communist system in place was illegitimate and that those who bore the yoke yearned to be free. He did not trust the Soviets, he entered into an arms race that made the left apoplectic, and vowed to dump Communism on the “ash heap of history” by standing up to it, once and for all. He traded weakness for strength and never turned away when people struggled for their freedom. He stood on the free side of the Berlin Wall and told the leader of the empire, simply, to tear it down.

Today the Berlin wall rests in pieces along the corridors of museums, and the man the left called “dangerous” and “insane” is celebrated throughout the former Communist world as the greatest liberator it has ever known. He didn’t accept the premise, and never let the wailing, hatred and thuggery of the left deter him.

Liberalism, just like its big brothers Socialism and Communism, has failed, demonstrably, in every way. Franklin Roosevelt, far from being a hero, simply started a train going toward a cliff five thousand miles away at two miles an hour, and the left has made sure ever since that no one can disembark. The train has now arrived at its inevitable destination, perhaps a little sooner than it should have thanks to Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Yet for some reason we seem still to accept the premise in America – and even in the GOP – that liberalism is simply a legitimate, albeit distasteful, alternative to conservatism instead of the miserable, sickening failure that it is.

Polls tell us not to call it by its name. The media make us cower, then seduce us with promises of fairness only to stab us in the back – again and again. We are told by this President that up us down, losses are gains, and defeat is victory. Just wait, say Boehner and Cantor – we’ll fight when there are more of us up here, without realizing there would be more of them up there if they would just fight.  And we buy into it. Newt Gingrich, for all his well-documented personal failings, doesn’t buy into it. He calls out the media. He lays out the choices before us clearly, as he did in his speech last night. He doesn’t accept the premise. That’s why, against all odds and any sort of reason, he is winning.

My problem with Mitt Romney is that I perceive he will simply tinker around the edges. A cut here, an increase there. A tax break here, a deduction gone there. You keep what’s yours, we’ll keep what’s ours, and let’s just try to get along and not piss anybody off. He’s a nice guy, you know, and loves his family, and being burned in effigy simply won’t do.

As a country, morally and fiscally, we are in the gravest of danger. Our country is splintering, geographically and demographically, by class and race and education and income. Our last chance stands before us in November, and it will be in the form of the GOP nominee. Are we going to put forth a flawed leader who doesn’t accept what has gotten us into the desperate situation we are now in – the only position that will save us – or will Mitt Romney wake up and explain to us that he will not tinker, he will not negotiate, and he will not go along?

Will Mitt Romney explain to us that he does not accept liberalism as a legitimate alternative for America? Will he explain to us that he believes this to his core, and no amount of political or personal hatred from the left will deter him from completely and totally dismantling the edifice that chokes our country and our freedom? Does he truly believe this?

Will he? Does he?

Can he?

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