I was trying to reconcile within myself what exactly has occurred in the past month and a half in the Movement of Conservatism. The schism seems to have occurred via the supposed victimization of gays within the Movement. Two months ago everyone was on the same page about what needed to happen for America, we needed to wrench the gavel out of the hands of | Read More »

    On The Priebus Of Disaster….

    I am sure the bulk of the grassroots of the Republican Party haven’t given the RNC Chair much thought and why should they? They just had a big win in November, right?.  In 2009 when things were bleak with the Democrats having just taken all levels of government, the only thing we had was the Chair race.  It seemed that Michael Steele had momentum at | Read More »


    Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue or is it, Groundhog Day? UPDATE

    Yesterday in the midst of a non-battle over the keeping taxes the same bill, Senator Harry Reid or as I like to call him Freddy Krueger dropped back into our dreams and slashed us with a nightmare. Reid decided to ruin another Christmas in America with 1.2T (yes that is trillion) dollars in spending Freddy Invades America. I truly couldn’t believe it, I was immediately | Read More »

    Evidence Of A Miracle

    I got home from work today and opened my email, one titled “In Memory of Evidence” immediately caught my attention. It did so because a few years ago I read a story of a little Zebra that someone had in the back of their vehicle, they had gotten in an accident and left the scene, leaving big Evidence of what had occurred. Noah’s Ark Evidence | Read More »

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    I Will Not Let The Elites Decide For Me

    It is amazing how far we have come in two short years. The worlds collided on September 11th 2001 and our Country stood up to the enemy, something that Liberalism had removed from the public psyche over a long 4 decades. The public as it usually does became weary of war after 7 years and they most definitely wanted change, they just did not realize | Read More »

    Tempest In A TEA Pot

    I cannot begin to express how exciting the whole idea of the TEA Party Movement has made politics. The idea of Americans getting together to stop the insanity in DC was immediately a hit February 2009 how far we have come. New names and faces popped up all across America saying the same things we were all thinking. The one common theme – respect for | Read More »

    God Bless America, Land That I Love, Stand Beside Her and Guide Her….

    Thru the night with a light from above. From the mountains, to the prairies, To the oceans, white with foam God bless America, My home sweet home. In my 40+ years of living, I have to say that 2010 has been the leading light of my life due to the love of Country being expressed. I have never heard so many people talk about the | Read More »

    The History of the Democrat Party is Racism and Steny Hoyer (D-MD) Supports that Tradition…

    Steny Hoyer threatened a Black Republican Candidate for Congress in Maryland’s 5th District.  That he would feel comfortable doing so says more about the racist, hateful Democrat Party then it is does about Hoyer.  He was only doing what he felt comfortable in doing.  I have never and will never understand Black Americans voting for the party of the KKK and the really more recently | Read More »

    Time Travel to 1999 and What’s Old Is New Again…..Sadly.

    I remember reading about these insane people over in the Middle East in the late 90’s. They were killing women for showing even a modicum of freedom or skin. I saw the picture and I know most Americans saw it as well Savages. I kind of blew it off as more of the same of what I had seen my entire life out of the | Read More »

    A Test For The Establishment Republicans

    There can no longer be “Politics as usual” in America anymore. There can only be one way and that is the American Way… We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain | Read More »

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