Michelle reflects her true thoughts on Obama’s presidency

    This short five seconds says it all. michelle says he hasn’t done anything to be able to run

    USSA socialist america here we come

    Just saw this video put out by Wakeup America video of United Socialist States of America

    Proven ads that work

    The best ads that McCain could do have already been done. Paying for rights to run these would probably be less than producing your own. If McCain won’t run them maybe a 527 or the RNC will. What Ads could they be? The reagon ads!! He was so popular and good at defending tax cuts and against socialism. Many people were asking him to run | Read More »

    Juan williams calls Obama’s people thuggish

    On o’reilly tonight they were discussing how Joe the plumber was being mistreated by the media. It was brought to the attention Joe was vetted more for insignificant things compared to the things the media was overlooking from Obama. The lady on the show says she thinks some of the mainstreet media refuses to look into Obama because they become thuggish towards you when you | Read More »

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    From terrorist to socialist

    This is just my opinion, but the best way McCain could capitalize on “Joe the plumber” is to shift the focus of the Ayers-Obama connection from one of terrorist ties to one with radical views and a socialist agenda. Use the link of Khalidi and Ayers to show that there was more to all their relationship. Most people from their own lives knows that close | Read More »

    arrest bill ayers

    Someone please explain to me why Bill Ayers continues to walk free. I know he was let go on a technicality, but he has cooked his own goose enough with all his statements. It pretty much sounds like confession to me. Arrest him try him and use his own words against him. Sounds pretty simple to me. So why don’t we do this? Someone please | Read More »

    Mavrick McCain

    John McCain needs to take a rule out of Palin’s playbook. Answer questions quickly, direct and short, and then use the rest of the time left on the clock to relay a message to the American people. Let it be known by saying “my friends I have come here to defend my country and its historical traditions along with the constitution of American, the media | Read More »

    Barak’s Islam

    Obama’s connections are continually popping up that ties him to Islam and his muslim faith. I pray the nation will see these cnnections and not just pass them off as smears as Obama would like them to be seen. Lets look at all his associations and any messaging that could be shown through out his campaign. Obama attends Columbia Khaldi’s father teaches an Arab studies | Read More »

    Answer me this question

    How is it McCain has one of his biggest leads in Georgia when it is heafily populatd with african-americans. Does he have black supprters there?

    counter attacking the 30 min specials

    Barak Obama is buying primetime 30 min sections so he can air a video one week before the election. I know Barak’s game book it is the way I would play it, so please take note of the counterattack strategy. Barak will buy air time in a manner in which McCain will not be able to afford to counter. He will not care what price | Read More »