My occupation is a design engineer. Have been a conservative for all my life. I have three wonderful daughters. I am a 49ers, Warriors, Sharks and A's fan. I live in California. Voted for Ronald Reagan.


    Go Mitt! Kick Obama’s Rear!

    There is pent up anger and hurt among the American people.  The people have been screwed over, lied to and manipulated. This guy, Barack Obama is a national nightmare. This guy is a punk in a suit. He lets Hillary fall on her sword and doesn’t defend her or fire her. He has no honor. Time to bring some decency back to the White House.  So..I | Read More »

    Political War And Leftist Polling=PPP Ohio

    Americans need to realize that leftists have declared political war. Their desire is to “change” America. The battleground is now Ohio. Now Real Clear Polling (so called) is listing this Democratic leaning polling company as a legitimate pollster in the general election. As a disclaimer PPP is generally a decent pollster in the primaries. But in the general election, this pollster is highly partisan and creates | Read More »

    Alert! Swing State Polls Show Large Portion of Hispanic Voters Are Trending Away From Obama

    Confirmation. I thought this might happen here. Obama received approximately 67% of the Hispanic vote in 2008. If Obama receives less than that he will surely lose Florida, Colorado and Nevada. Romney will in all likelyhood win these states. Romney has increased advertising aimed at Latino voters. He also gave a speech to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and an interview to Telemundo this last week. Hispanic | Read More »

    It’s Over Now-Joe Biden’s swan song.

    After tonight’s debate Joe Biden has got some explaining to do. He just could not get it done. Obama will be in denial. I could imagine Joe singing this song to Obama. Biden singing to Obama   Best of friends Never part Best of fools has loved forever From the bottom of his heart . So why pretend This is the end You’ll have to | Read More »

    Nate Silver Is A Relatively Dumb Liberal Propagandist

    Nate Silver is blogger employed by the New York Times. Now this guy is really a fake work of art. Liberals look to this guy for analysis that Obama is going to win. He was a former Dkos blogger known a “Poblano” He writes columns that attempt to mask his liberal bias. He claims to crunch numbers to assure liberals that Obama’s chances of winning | Read More »

    “I Chose Him Not By The Color Of His Skin But The Content Of His Character”

    Something in the wind has changed but I search for the words. Like a cool autumn breeze in your favorite vacation spot. Like standing on a rock looking out a the vastness of the ocean and comprehending our own limited existence. In essence, I wonder if we are reaching for the mountain top and are now starting to view the glimmering beauty of the valley below. Such were my thoughts | Read More »

    An Angry Black Man at the Chicken Market

    Liberals are pissed. Obama got obliterated in the debate. Chris Mathews blew a fuse and is still short circuiting. Now liberals want Obama to play the Angry Black Man. Well it didn’t take long for Obama to get angry. At a stop  at a Chicken Market  in Cleveland, Ohio-Obama asked the owner how business was going? “Terrible since you got here,” the man said.     The | Read More »

    Shhhh…Romney may be ahead. Check this out!

    Nearly every polling organization uses a D+2 to D+13 sample to show that Obama is ahead. Typically approximately 90% of Republicans vote Republican. Approximately 90% of Democrats vote for Democrats. Independents are split with most polls showing Romney winning Independents. But what if that is not the true nature of today’s electorate? What if there are more Republicans than Democrats? According to Rasmussen, there are | Read More »

    Are You Ready For A Dead Heat Election?

    I am going out on a limb and say that, by next week, the media will be declaring this race a dead heat. Right now we are hearing that Romney is behind. Yadda Yadda Yadda. They have been feeding this narrative since the election season started. Conservatives will be motivated like never before in November to get rid of Obama. The liberal media is scared. | Read More »

    Afghanistan song

    Back in 1969 Woodstock Festival occured on dairy farm in the the Catskills in the town of Bethel, New York. Country Joe and the Fish sang the Vietnam Song. here I was a young boy but it did have a catchy lyrics. A few years later. I knew a few hippes who had attended. (20 t0 24 years of age) Peace and love was their motto. These were their ideals. Most of these people had liberal | Read More »