Barack Obama’s is fighting against Mitt Romney and the Electoral College and losing.

Professor Obama and now President Obama is about schooled. I am not going to get into any polls although it is a virtual dead heat as of today. The Electoral College is how we elect Presidents. Al Gore fought against Republican George Bush in 2000 and lost. George Bush won in a squeaker with 271 Electoral College votes in 2000. Bush won with only one more electoral vote than needed. John Kerry fought against Republican George Bush in 2004 and lost. (286 for Bush) Barack Obama is now fighting against Mitt Romney and the Electoral Map and losing.

Barack Obama has a much more difficult time acquiring 270 Electoral College votes necessary then he did in 2008 or Kerry did in 2004. In this election year Mitt Romney does not need to win Ohio or New Mexico OR any state that the loser, John Kerry, won in 2004. Romney does not need to win Wisconsin. Why? Because of the 2010 census, there are changes in the Electoral College. This benefits Republicans. All Mitt Romney needs to do is, as they say in tennis, “hold serve”. Romney needs only 269 votes (a tie) and a Republican House of Representatives. A Republican House of Represantives is almost a foregone conclusion. If Romney wins Ohio, Wisconsin and/or New Hamphshire these victories would add to the total. Yes, Romney can win less states and electoral votes than Bush in 2000 and become the next President of the United States. Contrary to conventional wisdom, with Romney’s lower electoral threshold, the odds of Obama winning are not very good. Tie goes to Romney. Obama’s higher threshold of 270 (really 271) is especially difficult when the game is played in traditional red states. Advantage Romney.

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