My occupation is a design engineer. Have been a conservative for all my life. I have three wonderful daughters. I am a 49ers, Warriors, Sharks and A's fan. I live in California. Voted for Ronald Reagan.


    Obama’s Stealth Attack On Mexican Christians And Their Values

    Barack Obama’s Presidency has included an attack waged on people of Mexican heritage on both sides of the border. The Mexican people are generally a hard working, culturally and socially conservative people. A large percentage are Catholic and attend church regularly. Americans and Mexicans share a common faith: Christianity. The culture is very family oriented. Many are migrant farm workers. These people take the jobs that other ethnic | Read More »

    Barack Obama’s is fighting against Mitt Romney and the Electoral College and losing.

    Professor Obama and now President Obama is about schooled. I am not going to get into any polls although it is a virtual dead heat as of today. The Electoral College is how we elect Presidents. Al Gore fought against Republican George Bush in 2000 and lost. George Bush won in a squeaker with 271 Electoral College votes in 2000. Bush won with only one | Read More »

    Liberals are mad: Romney won the first

    Liberals are upset because Mitt Romney just won over more Hispanic-American voters. This last Wednesday Mitt Romney appeared in a “Meet the Candidate” series on the Spanish-language network Univision. On Thursday Barack Obama sat down with Univision and looked rattled at times. By virtually all accounts, Romney got the better of Obama in ratings. This was an opportunity for Romney to speak to issues important | Read More »

    Right back where we started from

    Let me state unequivocally that Barack Obama and his allies will be kicked out of power in November. Sure, he has been propped up by a decidedly corrupt media, but the truth and natural law are not on Obama’s side. Millions of americans are unemployed, our culture is under attack and gas/food prices have risen. Liberals prance to the music of abortion, gay marriage and | Read More »

    The Robert’s Tax and the Boiled Frog Syndrome

    One man levied a “tax” on  americans today. His name is John Roberts, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. He could have chosen the path of justices Kennedy, Thomas, Scalia or Alito. He could of used the words of Obama that it is not a tax. He alone, chose to write an opinion that it was a tax, over the objections of other conservative justices and | Read More »

    Rick Santorum: Fiscal Conservative?

    I have heard Sen. Rick Santorum described as a big government conservative. So I decided to take a look at this allegation. Rick Santorum was a senator for the state of Pennsylvania from 1995 to 2006. From 1991 to 1995 he was a congressman. During these 16 years he took many required votes on spending and taxes. In 1991 the GDP of the United States was | Read More »

    300 Spartans

      Having lived in Sparta, Michigan as a boy, my thoughts have turned to that state as the primary nears. I remember tornado warnings, cub scouts, shoveling snow and pulling a dogfish out of Camp Lake. I also remember ice fishing during the winter. The adults would walk on the frozen lake and look for a good spot. They would then cut a hole in the ice | Read More »

    The day an Olympic hero was knocked down

    Olympic heroes can be stripped of their medals for certain reasons. It looks like  Santorum today just stripped the title of Olympic hero from Mitt Romney. According to Wikipedia, “Romney organized and steered the 2002 Winter Olympics as head of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee, and helped turn the troubled games into a financial success.” From Politco: “On the trail, Romney frequently invokes his experience | Read More »

    Truth and the power of the conservative mind

    Let’s start with a  premise: Conservatives want to know the truth. A conservative will naturally throughout their life search for the truth. A conservative can get very good at spotting nonsense because they have spent years practicing. Seems pretty straightforward. In political discussions a “conservative” always wants to know the truth about a candidate. Sometimes this seems so difficult to get from a candidate. Why? | Read More »

    Why the Republican establishment is worried and what they will do next.

    Politics is about power to make decisions that affects the lives of the people. Throughout history, leaders do not give up power easily. They hold onto power as long as possible, sometimes at great cost to a nation and its people. Current historical examples are Qaddafi in Libya and Assad in Syria. Mubarak in Egypt stepped down when he knew he could not hold on. | Read More »

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