Romney and Intellectual Honesty for Emotionally Challenged Conservatives

Romney is no “Obama Light” as is the too often repeated cliche among those who have an emotional or intellectual challenge regarding his past political history and now future as the GOP Presidential nominee.

I will simply post a list and expect vilification from those who can’t handle the perfect coiffed, married, father of five handsome sons,  grandfather, Mormon, former Governor, entrepreneur capitalist, moderate, who happens to have never been broke, and enjoys making and spending money, candidate.

What has me tired of anti-Romney chat is this:

Emotions are the stuff of liberal practices. Yet the childish cry against Romney with such newly minted nouns as “Mittens” and “Obama-Light” ad nauseum, is so intellectually vacuous; so riddled with obscure slurs based upon highlighted past alone, that no serious discussion of accomplishments seems to come to the forefront; no examination of actual capabilities, just the incessant sophomoric chants of radio-wave and other sarcasm-driven skeptics and pundits plus emotional parroting fan base.

To this conservative/independent (no political party affiliation, just “Tea Party”) the Primary season presidential cheerleader rhetoric nonsense is getting a bit worn out.

The numbers are not “emotion” driven. We have what we have now.  Inevitability of Romney as the GOP candidate and presumptive conservative torch bearer is the real deal.

Time to act adult and examine the side of the coin all the nay-sayer Facebook (friends of mine) chanting, “We’re screwed now...” and “Stuck with Obama-light…” when Santorum dropped out, do not seem willing to examine.


1. Romney is overtly capitalist. By all metrics Obama is a socialist. Romney has created jobs. Obama has lost jobs.  (We could probably stop here and just start voting…)

2. Candidate Romney served as an “Executive” of a government — Massachusetts. Obama served as a community organizer, a “present” voting State Senator, and US Senator with 2 years experience.

3. Candidate Romney served as CINC of a state National Guard in wartime. Obama served as… well a war protester before becoming Commander in Chief of all US Armed Forces.

4. Governor Romney inherited a state debt of 3 billion. He immediately cut spending and raised revenue cutting the deficit by 1.5 billion in the first year. At the end of 4 years he left the state with a balanced budget and a 2.3 billion “Rainy Day Fund.”

5. Governor Romney was a Republican Chief Executive in a left-of-left state who managed as a fiscally responsible adult, eschewing cronyism, offering budgets every year, creating revenue while cutting spending in a total liberal tax &  spend environment.  (Reagan was in the same situation as CA Governor for 8 years, by the way)

6.  Mr. Obama has been favored with zero opposition in his first two years as a first-timer executive, never presented a budget until 2012 (defeated in the House 414-0), increased the deficit by over 5 trillion dollars, and favors tax increases including increasing capital gains and a “Special Billionaire Tax” (Buffet Rule) among attempts to foment discontent and incite class warfare on America’s producers.

7.  Romney followed constitutional authority when his state sought to enact a comprehensive health care program (State’s rights–10th Amendment). Obama is now arguing the constitutionality of liberal driven Obama care with 26 states bringing law suits before the Supreme Court.

8.  Romney enacted illegal immigration reform as Governor. Obama sues states who seek to control illegal immigration where the Federal government refuses to do so (think Arizona).

9.  Under Romney Massachusetts gained 51,362 jobs while gaining 26,500 new residents. That resulted in a 2 to 1 job creation. The state’s unemployment rate fell from 5.6% to 4.7%.  Obama’s unemployment success rate has grown from 7.8 to 8.3% since taking office, with a job loss of 740,000. (“Bush’s fault”)

10.  Within a year of leaving office (having offered 250 “line-item vetoes” the year before to the 2006 legislature proposed budget) the tax and spend legislature and new Governor ended fiscal 2007 with a $307.1 million deficit and in fiscal  year 2008 with a $495.2 million deficit.

11.  State tax reform was encouraged by Romney with repeated hammering on the legislature until a roll back from 5.3% to 5% (flat tax) was achieved.  ‘He also proposed a “tax-free shopping day”, a property tax relief for Seniors,[27] and a manufacturing tax credit.’ (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Governorship_of_Mitt_Romney)

John Adams said, “Facts are stubborn things.” All the negatives on Romney have been repeatedly brought to the front of our attention. The “flip side to facts” tell the truth as well.  If after reading the short list above, you still believe Romney is “Obama-light” and “We are screwed now…” — as so many intellectually challenged conservatives fear — then there is no hope until you chill out, and leave the liberal plantation of “information-light” and emotionally charged skepticism as the driving force behind your actions.

Romney is NOT LIKE YOU. He is perfect in looks, wealth, family, and faith (oops a Mormon…back tracking), sometimes a moderate, and I say, “SO WHAT.” Time to continue the Tea Party challenge of a constitutionally, fiscally sound, and morally responsible government. As an attitude, we may wish to adopt what Reagan often said in attempting to foment change in all branches of government:  “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

James Michael Pratt




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