The real story in  yesterday’s elections? Popular votes. Of course Wisconsin was an exciting win against union re-callers.

Of course North Carolina helped save the union of opposite sex marriages.

Of course the Tea Party scored again by showing how career politicians must become concerned about their RINO inclinations — Thank you Indiana!

But the real story is that a felon residing in federal prison in Texas took 40% of the vote away from the leader of the Democratic Party, President Barack Hussein Obama, in the Presidential Primary of West Virginia by simply filing with a $2,500 fee.

Felon’s sometimes make strange bedfellows, but this one is an indicator of an inmate uprising!

The Tea Party has been a spontaneous — and peaceful — first amendment response to the inmates running the asylum for far too long. Just as we have felt prisoners in our own land, yesterday’s voting results in the West Virginia Democrat Primary prove that the American citizen’s natural inclinations to and for traditional values — inherited from the founders of our great nation — are still residing in the hearts of Americans everywhere…including jail cells.

Now Keith Russell Judd – inmate #11593-051 at Beaumont Federal Correction Institution in Texas, we thank you for reaching out to West Virginia voters!

May you enjoy a victory among Democratic peers today in your institution and may someone help you come up with filing fees for the rest of the states available to you in this important election season 2012!

Is this still a great country or what!

The full story – reported from the UK, not our “main stream” press: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2141657/Texas-INMATE-gets-40-cent-votes-Obama-West-Virginia-primary.html


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