“MR. NOBODY FOR PRESIDENT PLEASE” Say 40% Democrat Primary Voters

Democratic Primary votes are in.  40% for Mr. Anybody and 60% Obama.

WEST VIRGINA:  42% voted for a convicted felon behind bars who put up $2,500 of his own money to be on the ballot.

KENTUCKY:  Obama ran “unopposed” yet lost 43% of the vote to “Nobody.”

ARKANSAS: Tennessee attorney John Wolfe 41% to 59% Obama.

If your a conservative, in the fight to save American traditions of faith, family, life, the pursuit of happiness, free markets, all things related to governance by the US Constitution, today doesn’t get much better. Why?

We aren’t dealing with “Independents” here.

We aren’t dealing with polls.

We aren’t even dealing with main stream media hucksters “in the tank” for liberalism and Pres. Obama.

We have a hard tally of real numbers, and more than 40% of the Democrats who voted for Obama last time have abandoned him for a NOBODY in every Primary to date!

John Adams said: “Facts are stubborn things.”  

I have been predicting that my wife could beat Obama without facts, just gut instinct. Folks are starting to listen.

ADVICE FOR MR. ROMNEY:  Save your money for the last minute. Use some instead to put ANYBODY on each Democratic Primary ballot still available. Promote write-in campaigns… Let the “facts” continue to speak for themselves about the state of the union as it relates to the Democrat fever for their unopposed candidate.


James Michael Pratt is a New York Times bestselling author, a guest on radio, television, editor and owner of Jerusalem Reports—the online news consolidator on Middle East affairs—and has enjoyed appearances on FOX News, Hannity’s Great American Panel.  He has written for The Daily Caller, Big Peace, Red State, and other online sites.  You can follow him on Facebook or at www.jmpratt.com.

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