OBAMA KILL LIST, or “The Contingency Operation”

The State Department declared on April 24, 2012 the “War on Terror” is finally over, even though the war-title had been dropped in 2009 and changed to a great title for a thriller, “The Contingency Operation.”

If the terrorists know the “war is over” and we know the war is over, what’s this stuff about Obama “kill lists?”

According to Fox News and several other reports, Mr. Obama actually approves the names marked for execution by drone personally, off of some sort of spreadsheet, fact sheet, dossier, portfolio… something.

White House defense: “President Obama made clear from the start to his advisers and to the world that we were going to take whatever steps are necessary to protect the American people from harm, and particularly from a terrorist attack,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said.

(Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/05/29/white-house-defends-drone-attacks-kill-list/#ixzz1wKDaD45V)

It doesn’t matter what the file looks like or what it is called, at least it isn’t a much left hated:

  • “Capture List”
  • “Guantanamo Incarceration List”
  • “Enhanced Interrogation List”
  • “Rendition List”

It is simple. It is clean. It is remote. It is, in a word, presidential…

The same people who brought you the legal justification for prosecuting our covert and counter intelligence operators who used a former presidential legal brief to capture bad guys and make them “cough up” valuable intel — names, places, stuff that meant saving American lives — now bring you, “Death Sentences.”

Not sure how those “sentences” would read, but someday we’ll know under the Freedom of Information Act.

So this presidential “contingency” killing stuff is legal, but the “stuffy nose” enhanced coaxing information stuff is illegal. Kill the information vs gather the information…

I would be stunned if I already didn’t know we had entered the Twilight Zone back in 2008 where changing the dial is futile. So I’ll try to understand the left’s POV. The thought process is something like this:


Why make war so big and messy?

  • Kill the pesky rascals so they can’t be gleaned for information, told the war is over, or spread their disease to other friendly and moderately friendly Islamists.
  • Kill the hate mongers so you don’t have to send them to that Bush hell-hole Guantanamo.
  • Besides they get 4,000 calories a day and Michelle could hardly approve…
  • And this way no one can blame the Commander In Chief and the executive branch for, well…not executing its duties, especially in view of an election year.
  • Just single out the faces, man, woman, child, US citizen or not, and send the drone in to do the dirty work. Cheaper than 1,000’s of troops.
  • No need for “Rules of Engagement” which hamper our troops in the field.
  • No more causality lists, bodies to Dover AFB, grieving US families, costs of occupying countries… Man is this a clean contingency or what?

Don’t get me wrong. I am for national defense (war when justified) but more so for peace, and love, and harmony.  I have a nephew in Afghanistan and a young Special Forces friend — both husbands and dads — and I’m not a believer in ten year wars. I am more a Patton type guy; a fast, swift, decisive, make-them-beg for surrender warmonger. But I prefer peace.

Peace at any cost?

At turning the Democrat-pacifist leftists into cold-blodded killers? Naw. I feel bad that it has turned out that way.

I think they should blame Bush for making them do this, at the very least. After all it was his and Dick Cheney’s War on Terror.

It is only their “Contingency Operation.”


James Michael Pratt is a New York Times bestselling author of fiction & non-fiction, columnist, Co-Founder of PowerThink Publishing”Original Sources Library” –www.powerthinklibrary.com, Editor/owner www.jerusalemreports.com, frequent guest television/radio, including “Hannity’s Great American Panel.”



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