“America Calls 911 — All Fathers to the Rescue!”

“Hello, this is dispatch. What is your emergency?”  “American families… They are — well, just please hurry,” the voice said. “We need all dads to the rescue!” — From “DAD, The Man Who Lied to Save the Planet”

              American culture has decayed dramatically since my days of boyhood excitement growing up in the hills and fields of a then obscure town north of Los Angeles — Simi Valley, a town where westerns like Rin Tin Tin, The Lone Ranger, and Fort Apache, Zorro, among others were filmed in the heyday of classic black and white moral story telling.
          The memories of everyday heroes, clarity of right and wrong, good and evil, and a place where virtually every home on the block had a dad behind the doors, are golden wistful memories, and something I cherished enough to beg my own children to notice while my parents lived.
          My adult son and I had a long discussion last night about hopes for both our country and future generations. It was a gift for “Father’s Day” that a dad really wants; an adult child forming strong objections to the destruction of the family unit he is witnessing,–something he is suddenly stunned by.
           “Grandpa always said, ‘I’m not as dumb as I look,'” I offered.
           “It just took me a little longer to find that out about you,” he chuckled.
            After hanging up, I felt like the father of the Bible who watched for any sign of the “Prodigal Son’s” return to the homestead, where the life-lessons and values taught to the wandering soul also meant a father and mother’s anxious tears might become assuaged.
          I can’t talk to my “dad” but have many times tried to echo his simple country-boy common sense and immitate his quiet virtues as I thank him in ways I hope he would appreciate. Our country is in dire need of fathers who will communicate frequently and openly with their children about the good “old fashioned” right and wrongs of life.   Our nation will be no better than its culture, and politics will rise to the lowest common denominator found in American society.

          I thought I’d offer the boatload of evidence of that culture destroying effect which correlates directly to the break-up of the American family, but will save it for another day. Instead I’d like to share my Dad…  The humblest, and most honorable man I have ever known in this lifetime.

          Please enjoy and share a gift for all those who care about American culture and simple everyday values with this FREE AUDIO BOOK  and its 12 timeless virtues handed down from an ordinary American dad to his son at the link: DAD, THE MAN WHO LIED TO SAVE THE PLANET.

James Michael Pratt is a New York Times bestselling author, a guest on radio, television, editor and owner of Jerusalem Reports—the online news consolidator on Middle East affairs—and has enjoyed appearances on FOX News, Hannity’s Great American Panel.  He has written for The Daily Caller, Big Peace, Red State, and other online sites.  You can follow him onFacebook or at www.jmpratt.com.

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