IN GOD WE TRUST — When Politically Correct, and Oh Jerusalem Too!

Photo Courtesy Human Events

The Democratic National Committee and convention got caught flat footed, running from God and Jerusalem; the capitol of Israel which the US State Department does not acknowledge.

Stricken from the Democratic Party National Platform the first day of the convention, the news  of the DNC action was quickly carried worldwide angering conservatives, independents, and our most important friends in the Middle-East — the Israelis.

To fix this egregious error the matter was presented before the body of delegates the following day (Sept 5, 2012) as prescribed by rules.

A call to vote was conducted by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa of Los Angeles, Chairman of the DNC.  You will note that the motion to create a 2/3rds majority vote was attempted three times by Mr. Villaraigosa as shown in this clip posted on You Tube.

It appears that the “Nays” and boos for God and Jerusalem didn’t satisfy the need to get “Yeas” and cheers in a 2/3rd majority so Mr. Villaraigosa made the attempt to get Democratic Party delegates to change their minds.

When they wouldn’t change their Nays and boos in sufficient numbers, the Democratic Chairman did what Democrats are masters at; ramming the matter through in a “fair” and “impartial” process to create a ruling by over-ruling the majority; clearly  the “democratic” way.

NOTE: God is convenient for politicians when it makes sense. Jerusalem was not so convenient for a political party devoted to the Palestinian cause. Once Villaraigosa finished the Israelis were still upset, at least one half of the DNC delegates were angry, and the Palestinians with their 700,000,000 Arab supporters surrounding Israel were livid.

Congratulations go to Mr. Obama and Chairman Villaraigosa. In my opinion you got it right to reinstate God and Jerusalem in your language — but it is telling how far from the DNC hearts both God and Jerusalem really are.

James Michael Pratt is a New York Times bestselling author and editor at Jerusalem Reports. Readers may visit his personal website and Facebook to learn more about his career and writing.



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