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Cairo US Embassy Attack 9/11/2012

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(See Post After-Note: ROMNEY MUST DID OFFER LEADERSHIP TO AMERICA, or “Where is the President”)


Leadership Missing in Action

On September 11, 2012 leadership from the White House was MIA on the anniversary of real attacks, as at least one more American lost his life with others injured at the US Consulate in Libya, and the US Embassy attacked in Cairo.

The President is the leader of the country and the free world.  The day’s lack of that seemed to be one more example of how out-of-touch Barack H. Obama and his administration really are.

Americans have always taken for granted that leadership in the world is our duty, and the American President stands at the pinnacle of that responsibility.

White House leadership inadequacy is apparent to not only Americans but her enemies as a new crisis hits us square in the face each and every day.

Mr. Romney must not miss this opportunity—

Leadership is being cried for by Americans and those in other nations who see in us something Ronald Reagan declared in 1964, “The last best hope for mankind on earth.”


Mr. Romney need only take this note from Main Street–

Each day we look not only for reasons to vote for him, but for leadership today as our enemies mock and as an anemic government response to the economic crisis underwhelms us.

Mr. Romney should offer a leader’s role with daily reassurance which the most powerful executive in the world must;  a role Mr. Obama refuses to perform.

September 11, 2012 news offers a sampling of a President on the campaign trail, seeming to us either unaware or unconcerned to a myriad of assaults upon our country from without and within.


Samples of Missing Leadership on 9/11/2012

9/11 OBAMA in AM talk with “Pimp the Limp” DJ as an American is killed and a consulate burns: http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2012/09/obama-chats-with-pimp-the-limp-dj-laz-on-911-morn/

9/11 OBAMA rejects Israel’s Prime Minister request for a meeting on the critical national and international security issue, Iranian nuke developments: http://www.haaretz.com/news/diplomacy-defense/white-house-declines-netanyahu-request-to-meet-with-obama.premium-1.464328

9/11 Netanyahu Challenges Obama to act Presidential: http://washington.cbslocal.com/2012/09/11/netanyahu-to-obama-wait-for-what-wait-until-when/

9/11 US Cairo, Egypt Embassy attacked with flag taken down, desecrated and Islamic flag raised: http://content.usatoday.com/communities/ondeadline/post/2012/09/11/cairo-us-embassy-protesters-prophet-mohammad/70000126/1#.UFAQIY1lSad

9/11 US Consulate in Libya attacked, consulate officer killed others wounded: http://english.ahram.org.eg/NewsContent/2/9/52597/World/International/Mob-sets-fire-to-US-consulate-in-Benghazi-witness.aspx

9/11 the US economy threatened with a new credit downgrade: http://www.forexlive.com/blog/2012/09/11/moodys-expects-to-cut-us-rating-without-deal-to-lower-debtgdp-ratio/


Where is the President?

On the anniversary of 9/11, with so much alarming news confronting us, many of us were asking, “Where is the President?”

An American President must not be silent on such a day of momentous news events and he must not be MIA, even if on the campaign trail doing critical radio interviews on shows like, “Pimp the Limp.”

Our White House feels empty to us. Foreign allies, leaders like Mr. Netanyahu, cannot even get a President’s attention or meeting on one of the gravest threats facing the world today.


Mr. Romney—

Reassure America. Step up to the podium daily and address the news issues which our President avoids. Mr. Obama’s former senatorial habit of “voting present” has cast its shadow upon an empty Oval Office chair.

You sir, Mr. Romney, must not wait for a victory millions of us wish to assure you. Assume the executive role with confidence and we will have your back.

We are eager for leadership…now.


FOR THE RECORD: Mr. Romney offered this during Presidential silence on the attacks agianst American lives and property:

“I’m outraged by the attacks on American diplomatic missions in Libya and Egypt and by the death of an American consulate worker in Benghazi.  It’s disgraceful that the Obama Administration’s first response was not to condemn attacks on our diplomatic missions, but to sympathize with those who waged the attacks.” –Mitt Romney

Post After-Note:  Eight hours after posting this piece it was learned the Ambassador to Libya and three others were killed, with the Ambassador’s body dragged through the streets. Mr. Romney immediately took a leadership role and is taking a Presidential role with a press briefing Q & A as I write this “after-note.”  He definately has taken a leadership position. The Obama administration has responded through Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the President plans to speak from the Rose Garden later this morning.

PS Post After Note: President Obama with Hillary Clinton support offers tepid response after beat to the leadership podium by Romney; walks away from press without taking questions. Romney rose to the occassion and showed us who he will be in the White House during any critical hour of attacks.

James Michael Pratt is a New York Times bestselling author of inspirational fiction and non-fiction, editor and owner of Jerusalem Reports, and frequent contributor to Red State and other conservative sites. His personal website includes biographical and other information regarding his work. He can also be found on FACEBOOK and Twitter.

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