NERO FIDDLED, OBAMA FUNDRAISED, Rome Burned on the 4th Day


Seeing the Oval Office vacant is nothing new to Americans. In fact, I personally saw it empty one day in 1976 as a White House guest during the tenure of Gerald Ford.

But today the world burns as the President campaigns.

The decline of the Roman Empire was not due to lack of military prowess but moral vacuity and ineptitude at the helm of leadership where power was the raison de vivre, with dependency by the masses the way to keep it.

The Roman Emperor de jure appealed to the more easily excited by populist notions and empty promises through  taxpayer gifts and donations to sustain his popularity.

Today, while US embassies are in crisis mode, while US universities are threatened with bombs, the President campaigns.

A new report claims the State Department was given a 48 hour advance warning to the attacks in Egypt. Result? Four Americans dead.

Sadly it appears Clint Eastwood was correct in his impromptu speech at the Republican National Convention.  No one is manning the Oval Office. It has been, and remains empty this week.

Ostensibly if Mr. Obama cannot campaign for his next term then he cannot “fix” the problems.  So while the world burns, the Campaigner-in-Chief wages war on the Republicans.

Here’s a sampling of headlines during 4 days of chaos:

Friday September 14th:

President Obama Doesn’t Attend Intel Briefs Since Sept 5th

WHITE HOUSE: President Doesn’t Need Intel Briefings

State Department as Embassies Attacked in “Full Blown” Crisis Mode

United States Universities Threatened by al Qaeda Evacuated

Nuclear Reactor in Austin Evacuated

US Credit Rating DOWNGRADED Again!

Mob Burns US Flag at Embassy in London

Mobs Burn US Embassy in Tunis

Gunfire Heard at US Embassy in Sudan

Thursday September 13th:

Obama Fundraising in Colorado

Krauthammer: Collapse of Obama Middle East & Muslim Strategy

Marines Sent Back to “Shores of Tripoli” 200 Years Later

Report: Ambassador Stevens Sodomized

Wednesday September 12th:

US Rescue Troops Killed in Libya

President MIA: Romney Offers Leadership

President Obama Flies to Vegas for Fundraiser

Tuesday September 11th:

Ambassador & Others Killed in Libya

They are at War, Are We?

President Obama on “Pimp the Limp” radio on 9/11


Four years after the Nobel Peace Prize winner was elected the national debt has soared to 16 trillion dollars, there are over 12.5 million unemployed , with 47 million on food stamps, the world is in economic chaos, Iran is building a nuclear weapon and has announced the “annihilation of Israel” and the west, while GM built  Chevy Volts at a clip of $200,000 each in taxpayer stimulus to keep auto workers on a political sugar high.

Energy costs are soaring with one station sporting $8.99 a gallon prices, we refuse to allow energy production in the US, the region of our major source for oil is in literal flames, and the only plan Obama has put forth in recent weeks is “more” so he can “finish the job.”

 “We love you!” a woman shouts at a Presidential campaign stop.

The President replies, “You’ll love me even more…” as the fires around the world and the masses who depend upon Rome increase.

James Michael Pratt is a New York Times bestselling author of inspirational fiction and non-fiction, editor and owner of Jerusalem Reports, and frequent contributor to Red State and other conservative sites. His personal website includes biographical and other information regarding his work. He can also be found on FACEBOOK and Twitter.

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