BREAKING: FORMER SEALS to THE AMBASSADOR’S RESCUE, Honor Not Employment with State Dept.


But Not Employed by State Department White House Finally Clarifies

NAVY SEALS just keep pouring it on around the globe, both during and after their military service.

It has just come to light today that the former SEALS, Tyrone Woods 41, and Glen Doherty 42, were NOT employees of the State Department but worked for a private security firm. Their response was typical of  Navy SEALS, to protect their countrymen at all costs even if their own lives were necessarily sacrificed.

What we don’t know yet is how many of the terrorists they took with them.

The shameful misrepresentation this Sunday by UN Ambassador Rice, that the attack on the Ambassador and the subsequent killings of employee Sean Smith and SEALS Woods and Doherty, were caused by a spontaneous attack on 9/11 at 9:35 pm because of an amateur film that no one has ever seen, flies in the face of all reason.

Add the fact that independent news sources, Senators and Congressmen, journalists, bloggers and  finally the Libyan President Mohamed Yousef El-Magariaf himself had to explain to the White House apologists that they dropped the ball on 9/11 by missing a pre-planned well coordinated attack by al Qaeda…

Well you can imagine how the tight knit Navy SEAL community feels right now.  

From The WASHINGTON GUARDIAN, Updated 21:58 PM EDT, September 19, 2012  |  BY John Solomon

“The two former SEALS,  Tyrone Woods, 41, and Glen Doherty, 42, were not employed by the State Department diplomatic security office and instead were what is known as personal service contractors who had other duties related to security, the officials said.

They stepped into action, however, when Stevens became separated from the small security detail normally assigned to protect him when he traveled from the more fortified embassy in Tripoli to Benghazi, the officials said.

The two ex-Seals and others engaged in a lengthy firefight with the extremists who attacked the compound, a fight that stretched from the inner area of the consulate to an outside annex and a nearby safe house — a location that the insurgents appeared to know about…”  

Full article:  http://www.washingtonguardian.com/revising-libya-story

The real facts (we heartland folks call it “the truth”) are pouring out from the White House in bits and pieces in an effort at damage control. But what we really have here appears to be an empty Oval Office as I pointed out days before this tragedy in: NERO FIDDLED, OBAMA CAMPAIGNS, Rome Burns on the 4th Day.

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