PRESIDENTIAL LEADERSHIP vs “El Presidente” and 3rd World Media — Part II of a Series

Third World Media, Debates and Leadership Revealed

We have never seen anything like this present political scene north of the Mexican border. A carefully crafted illusion backed by a complicit American media machine is melting before our eyes.

I lived for two years in a strong-man socialist Latin American country where all media messages were carefully controlled by the regime, and I can assure the reader that Mr. Obama cannot win any debate in this Presidential debate season.

Hope and Change 2012:

The emperor is finally shown without his cloak.

The cover-up of speaker skills sans teleprompter by a compliant media who have shunned the task of asking tough questions reveals the naked truth; the man isn’t a superior Harvard titan, he is like anyone else who claims to fly over 57 states.

Another reason Mr. Obama cannot win against another Harvard grad is simple–he cannot “manufacture” truth as he would like for an audience with a choice of more than two television channels.

His opponent Mr. Romney possesses superior extemporaneous speaker skills and will be given equal time to dispel myths of la revolucion. 

Truth trumps carefully crafted liberal political narrative except among the most gullible and party-devoted “el Presidente” panders to.

The facts of $4.oo dollar gasoline, unemployment above 8%, and a false economic recovery which the public actually lives in, is a calculation the President’s fawning media and allies cannot spin.


Style Over Substance – Third World Leadership

In third world countries where a cult of personality leadership style universally supports a centralized government controlled economy, the media narrative is controlled by “el Presidente.

In election years there are (1) at best 0ne-way debates and (2) the government controlled media throwing pre-scripted softballs at the regime while the leader demonizes the wealthy and eviscerates his free market opponent with class envy and warfare tactics.

The leader is not to be asked tough questions.  Staying  on message for the party is the best assurance for keeping your job, and in some cases your life.

Today, if you are a White House correspondent, the news-talking points coordination role is managed by the Obama Administration and sanctioned by the network.

Welcome to the third world, American journalists.


Shrinking Freedom to the Size of the Tale

Mainstream major news networks such as CBS, NBC, and ABC, once so respected as neutral arbiters of facts, today have descended to a third world script of classic alignment wherever the Democrat leader-de jour is headed.

This incredible departure from objective American journalism has given way to a new cult of personality-like reporting giddiness among the elites of New York and Washington.

That the mainstream American media now manufactures facts for the tale and not the facts behind the tale of the day is shameful and portends the end of democracy.

For when truth-telling becomes an antiquated art form, freedom shrinks to the factual dimensions of the information forced upon us.

Such was the case with the recent 9/11 attacks on our Benghazi consulate in Libya. Satellite and drones, as well as cell phone cameras and eye-witness accounts did not lie as a President and his administration did for three weeks, telling the world, including the UN, that an obscure film caused a “spontaneous mob” gathering resulting in some frenzied attack taking the lives of four Americans.

That the truth of a coordinated terrorist attack on the anniversary of 9/11 was intentionally misrepresented did not seem to faze an electioneering and promoting President is stunning. In former days journalists would have reveled in the seeds of this potential for scandal, but for these four weeks since?

Outside FOX News and a handful of bloggers and radio talk show hosts exposing truth, Americans have been greeted  with the complicity of silence between jaundiced American news bureaus and their beloved leader. 

The State of American Media in Crafting the Imagery of Leadership

We look back to the hard-hitting journalists  of many decades past with nostalgia; those that did not take sides with politics but with truth and facts; this so that they might be respected as gate-keepers of the democracy.

American standards in objective journalism has become buffoonery and lowered to the level worthy of followers of Hollywood “Reality Shows” which seek to emulate real life with scripted facts to conveniently manipulate the audience while seeking a new low for life in each episode.

If 3rd world style journalism trends continue, it will be remembered of us that we created a world of media connectivity with hundreds of channels on television, radio airwaves and internet sites yet with so much emptiness of both intellectual honesty and content.


James Michael Pratt is a New York Times bestselling author of inspirational fiction and non-fiction, editor and owner of Jerusalem Reports, and frequent contributor to Red State and other conservative sites. His personal website includes biographical and other information regarding his work. He can also be found on FACEBOOK and Twitter.











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