ROMNEY, TRUTH, HONOR or “When Jindal, Small Ideas, and Opportunity Politics Knock”

Reason obeys itself; and ignorance submits to whatever is dictated to it.” ~ Thomas Paine


Truth and reason stand the test of time in a cause and effect relationship of applying principle for a reliable outcome.

Truth is made of stiff stuff because it is things as they really were, are, and always will be.

When truth is inconvenient the troubling temptation for political opportunists gains momentum, and they slither forth from unsuspected places, often clothed as friends.

It is disturbing, but expected when the opposition does it, but doubly harsh when erstwhile allies seek personal gain from it.

I have been disturbed for one week now at the nonsense of gainsaying members of the GOP who can’t have the decency to give Mr. Romney and his wife a well-deserved, “Thank You” but instead create empty messaged noise for the liberal media when there is “no there there.”

Ingratitude and lack of grace is an ugly thing — especially between friends


Pretty Lies or Inconvenient Truths

My honor and my life are one. Take honor from me and my life is done.” – Shakespeare

Honor in politics is rare. Romney and his wife Ann offered America a glimpse of it for a brief moment in 2012, and yet our hopes were dashed by small things and small men.

What we need is more Romney and Ryan Boy Scout oath takers no matter how silly it may seem or sound…

On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and Country…

…and not dishonorable opportunistic politics.

Self-destruction begins with embracing a lie, followed by endorsing it, ending with proclaiming it.

So it is with individuals and organizations, and for two weeks since the election so it has become with some in the GOP, at least in my mind.



To the point…

Two weeks ago the American people believed a list of pretty lies in enough numbers that just under 500,000 votes in four swing states bought the election outcome for Obama-Biden.

Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, and two other prominent conservatives, chose a path of high criticism of Mitt Romney for  his wording infractions cited last week by the press.

In short, Mr. Jindal sought political gain  by taking advantage of the political correctness game liberal progressives run.

He seemed to revel in the tearing down of a friend and ally of just two weeks prior — Mitt Romney — and in that there is no honor.


Competing with Pretty Lies

Inconvenient to conservatives, but pretty lies dressed in class warfare and identity politics by any other measure, Romney’s gifts for votes are hard to compete with and Mitt Romney was stating a fact we all know…

The small thing approach to power has a history of working.

The Obama dream-team has constantly pitched utopian vistas of the rising seas healed, fairness and equality for all, hope and change the hearer can fill in the blanks for, and by supposition getting what is their “right” to stuff from those who have more than they need.

These are attractive propositions to at least 50% of (California 65%) any large population – American, French, Argentinean, it doesn’t matter.

Never mind that what Romney described is accurate and pure Obama FORWARD programming meaning, “From each according to his ability to each according to his needs.

Shell-shocked GOP elite and conservatives hearing the cries of those feigning self-righteous indignation over the airwaves dove for cover when they heard this fake vitriol heaped upon a defeated Romney-Ryan campaign:


“How dare Romney! This is pure racism!”

“Old wealthy white guys, despising an entire class of citizens!”


Bitter Truth Works for Progressives

Conservatives pride themselves on playing by the Golden Rule – “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

But in the scheming world of politics the adage of, “He who owns the gold sets the rules,” most often wins.

The bitter truth we must contend with as we once again seek to define conservatism to those tempted to feast at the Democratic Party banquet table of free stuff, is simple:

We live in a media driven world of constant left-wing messaging and they are setting the rules and winning a majority of willing followers to small self-serving messages.

Case in point…



Question: Was it (A) Mitt Romney or (B) Abraham Lincoln who said:


“You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich. You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves.”


Political opportunism knows no boundaries, has no friends, but is expected by all enemies.

One week after a bitter and disappointing defeat, Romney, does the honorable thing and reports to his donors telling them some truths about differing campaign styles:


The president’s campaign, if you will, focused on giving targeted groups a big gift,” Romney said, citing immigration proposals aimed at Hispanics and free contraception coverage that appealed to young women.  “He made a big effort on small things.” Romney said that in contrast, his campaign was more focused on “big issues for the whole country.” 

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/11/15/romney-obama-won-votes-due-to-promise-gifts/#ixzz2CjM8NFiX



Romney stated the truth accurately and succinctly to a target audience of donors just as he had with his earlier, “47% pay no income taxes” comment to donors – clearly seeking to describe to conservatives the real hard uphill climb his campaign would have to face.

He, as he always proved to be, was the adult in the room.

 Answer: (B) Abraham Lincoln



Shooting the Messenger

The first Republican leader to play identity politics by jumping on those inconvenient truths spoken by Romney was Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, highly esteemed and much praised by Romney and the entire GOP for his conservative values.

Now elected as Chairman of this year’s Republican Governor’s Association, Wolf Blitzer offered Jindal an opportunity on November 15th to respond to honest thoughts Romney offered his donors the day before.

When asked a straight-forward question by Wolf Blitzer, Jindal answered with a broadside attack on one of his friends from two weeks before:


Blitzer Question: “Let me play a clip of Mitt Romney to some of his donors.” CNN plays clip. “What do you make of it?”

 Jindal Answer: “This is completely unhelpful. This is not where the Republican Party needs to go. Look, if you want voters to like you the first thing you got to do is like them first. And it’s certainly not helpful to tell voters you think their votes were bought…”

Also see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qt08YYsiw1w&feature=related


What is telling in this exchange is that Jindal doesn’t answer Blitzer’s question, nor does he defend the correctness of Romney’s points, but instead attacks Romney in a patronizing way to self-aggrandize, and thereby placing Romney’s fallen halo upon his own head.

GOP backstabbing is becoming the art that Obama’s “blame Bush” campaign of four years has become instead of taking the real definition of conservatism and building with boldness upon it.

The hand-wringing continued. Newt Gingrich climbed aboard on the bash Romney bandwagon only to be validated by acceptable conservative columnist to the mainstream press, George Will excoriating Romney for “despising the American people” on Meet the Press.

I love Newt Gingrich books and will continue to grow from them but he lowered himself. George Will – no thank you. No more columns for me.

Jindal, Gingrich, Will are intelligent and articulate, but this week surrendered to the temptation the left held out for them. They were transparent opportunists knowing full well what they were doing and it wasn’t innocent. Like self-serving cheap shot artists they busied themselves giving a validation to the selfishness of a party and a media that panders to the latter-day circus of Rome without addressing the root of the problem.


And the root of the conservative problem of attracting more people to the message is not found in coddling pretty lies and their sanctimonious hucksters.

The root of the problem is what Romney and Ryan campaign actually proposed to deal with — no matter how in-artfully presented for these three provocateurs.

In this case honesty embracing the hopes of conservatism as expressed by Ronald Reagan:


“The basis of conservatism is a desire for less government interference or less centralized authority or more individual freedom.”


Romney was right in speaking to his donors. Obama’s cause was about pandering in the arena of small ideas and things.

Will no man or women in the public eye, or who holds the media microphone stand up and do the honorable thing and defend two men and their magnificent wives who willingly gave it all for a country of big ideas? I guess it is too much to ask…

Well maybe not for small minds…

 PART II Link November 24, 2012 Post

James Michael Pratt is a New York Times bestselling author editor and owner of Jerusalem Reports, and frequent contributor to Red State and other conservative sites. He is author of RIGHT and WRONG Not Left and Right – The Third Option, Book 1 for 2013 release. His personal website includes biographical and other information regarding his work. He can also be found on FACEBOOK and Twitter.


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