IF NIXON WIRETAPPED A ROOM, and OBAMA A NATION, then the People Are Given an Opportunity

“We shall meet in the place where there is no darkness.”  George Orwell’s “1984”

Our thoughts are being recorded.

If you are reading this your intents are being scrutinized like light through a PRISM.

If you are sharing this, your intention is an action which can be interpreted by government overlords to mean the Clintonian, “Whatever is, is.”

Only recently taking the body part scanners out of airports, and regardless of right, left, or middle of the road politically, big government has now left us naked.

But, the sword is double edged.

The emperor’s new clothes via digital communications provides ample opportunity to expose the size of his hubris.

The new media has arrived to moderate and mitigate the lock-box the major mainstream news media has always had in information flow and distribution.

Dictators require media control and snooping on citizens to keep their power.  They ask their citizens to trust them (or else.)

But unlike Hitler with his Gestapo, Mussolini with his Brown Shirts, Lenin and Stalin with their KGB, Mao with his Red Army informants — with  more than 100 million people killed under their regimes to create a compliant populace  —  the citizens of the world are at war and now armed with instantaneous communication capacity in a battle with their scrutinizing governments over private ideology.

The game of cat and mouse against a dictator controlling the country’s media is played this way in nations all over the globe.

A modern Paul Revere need only send a cryptic text message to warn against big government’s approach.

We needn’t learn cryptic messaging to combat run-away-surveillance and loss of privacy. Like the naked body scanners which got replaced last week, we’ll become familiar with loss of privacy and find ourselves either the cat, or the fear-filled mouse.

Orwell offered this gem in his “1984”: “In a time of universal deceit telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”  

It takes courage to participate in truth telling in times like these.

As Winston Churchill said, “Without courage all virtues lose their meanings.”

We need only become the “new press,” being wise, truthful, vigilant, and unafraid to exert the guarantees of the Bill of Rights. Our recorded words in defense of freedom are always  backing us up in a quintessential American debate about the meaning of liberty.

A citizenry doing that becomes the watchdog over out-of-control power mongers.

And when the press becomes a threat to US Presidents, Attorney Generals, State Departments, as is the case with Rosen of FOX News/Associated Press/Verizon Scandals, the results become apparent. Even supporters, like the New York Times Editorial boards, fight back.

Can the government do more than snoop, spy, and make our lives uneasy? Can they target groups and individuals based upon flagged key words?

Yes — but the data is in information overload, coming to the mere mortals monitoring in a quantity that is overwhelming.

What I am suggesting is the playing field is level. They can record us and we can record them.

The government can’t come after everyone, but everyone can come after the government in a redress of grievance.

There isn’t anything else we can do about it but be brave, bold, offer our thoughts–not into darkness but into light–and appeal to our government to obey the Bill of Rights, and in this case monitor PRISM, the Thought Police of George Orwell’s 1984 novel.

If you ever took a typing class before the age of keyboards you will recognize the practice typing phrase begun in 1867 by typing instructor Charles Weller:

 “It is time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.” 

Calling all typists and keyboarders!  This is our time and our opportunity to be heard today and also to be recorded for all history as defenders of liberty.

James Michael Pratt is an American novelist and Editor at www.jerusalemreports.com. More on his work and “thoughts” can be found at www.jmpratt.com and Facebook.

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