Or When the the People Fear Their Government

Mr. Lee,

I know I join millions of Americans who are noticing your stand at a time when our country was recently called a, “Post Constitutional Republic,” by a very well known radio commentator and constitutional attorney.

Having come to the same conclusion I echo the sentiments of Thomas Jefferson:

“When the people fear the government it is called tyranny. When the government fears the people there is liberty.”

I fear my government.

The government has proven beyond reasonable doubt that they no longer obey the US Constitution they have sworn to defend.

The United States government has become a tyrant, even owning our private thoughts through unconstitutional collection of all phone calls, emails, and keyboard clicked posts on social networking websites.  This, even they have recently admitted at both intelligence bureau and executive department levels.

Now with the power to spread doubt over every citizen’s expression and thought privately or publicly made, we fear the next autocratic ruling to take over every aspect of our lives, even monitoring every bit of information regarding our private bodies, and all through the Internal Revenue Service—the most feared agency in America.

The federal government has legislated a law forcing the American citizen to purchase a product they overwhelming have voiced their opposition to, signed into law by an executive empowered by the ideals of social redistribution, and blessed by a Supreme Court who has determined to call the socialized medical health care product a “tax” in order to give it some semblance of constitutional authority.

Tyranny is clearly upon us Mr. Lee and now the citizens must act. But how?

Mr. Lee – There exists right and wrong in the Universe, even in politics and policy making, yet only in Washington DC can forcing us to purchase something we don’t want be called “fairness” and be called “a deficit reducing measure” and be called an, “Affordable Health Care Act.”

Only in Washington DC can the political operators disobey the Constitution while at the same time requiring us, the citizen to obey the Constitution.

The news media reported on July 26, 2013 that the National Treasury Employees Union—essentially the IRS union with over 90,000 members  and those who will enforce the Affordable Health Care Act—has plead with President Obama to grant them a waiver from participating. Why?  Because they fear it.

Now we learn that the US Congress seeking a waiver, those gleefully enacting the law so burdensome upon us, has also been granted an exemption by imperious executive decree for that very reason—a complaint by them of the undue financial burden to legislators and their staff members.

So if the law-makers and the enforcers of the law do not have to comply with an oppressive law, my wife and I must?

For the President of the United States to create unconstitutional imperial rulings  for those who must obey a Supreme Court sanctified law and those who must not, especially when it is their quasi-storm troopers being exempted, (Treasury Agents do carry guns and can enter a home upon their pleasure) is surely evidence of tyranny if ever there was a definition for the word.

My wife just lost 25% of her pay, being cut back to 29 hours a week, something White House economic adviser Jason Furman just last week told NBC News,  “We see no systematic evidence of…” regarding reducing worker’s hours under 30 to meet the 2014 deadline for employer mandated health care. Coincidentally our personally paid affordable health insurance premium is the exact dollar amount of her pay cut within a few cents.

By the very onerous application of this so called “Affordable Health Care Act” an employer mandate has taken needed discretionary household income from us in a time when our country is already stagnating in growth.

Multiply that by millions of household incomes and you will see businesses in every community close their doors as discretionary income of consumers is vaporized by a magic government wand nicknamed “Obamacare.”

Last week a well meaning historian and prominent Republican, Newt Gingrich, stated that the GOP has no “alternative” to the Democrat’s Affordable Health Care Act.

May I propose, Mr. Lee that the second he uttered that idea he was profoundly wrong.  As you have so well pointed out, the Constitution does not create a government marketplace for products—that is left to the private sector.

The “alternative” has always been in place. It is called “free markets.” Freedom to choose, as you have proposed Mr. Lee, is what built America and what will create competitiveness, fairness, and affordability.

Freedom from a government obsessed with every bit of information about our lives, what doctor we choose, what pills we take, what treatments we desire—with bureaucratic overlords who cannot manage a post office in the black or run Amtrak on schedule or in the black— this freedom from government is now a thing of the past.

A Nobel Laureate – one who earned his Peace Prize in economics and was not granted it on “good intentions” after  a few months in Presidential office – said:

“Indeed, a major source of objection to a free economy is precisely that….it gives people what they want instead of what a particular group thinks they ought to want. Underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself.”  Milton Friedman, Capitalism and Freedom

The Republican Party has too often shown their lack of belief in the free market of ideas, the spirit which “made” America what she “was.” For many years they have played musical chairs, reaching across the aisle with the devil, mocking the Constitution in the process and now we have arrived to this day, Orwellian in every way.

You however, with a handful of other brave Senators and Congressman, have been willing to lay it all on the line for and with us, and for that I thank and applaud you and your efforts to defund Obamacare.

By proposing action to defund the oxymoron entitled, The Affordable Health Care Act, you have shown character, a willingness to not suffer injustices placed upon the people, and ultimately unlike many of your conspiring Senate colleagues, have fought back and have not let us down.

With gratitude and respect,

James M Pratt


James Michael Pratt is a New York Times bestselling novelist, screenwriter and columnist. His newest book, “RIGHT and WRONG, Not Left and Right — America’s Third Option” Part I, (eBook) comes out Jan. 1, 2014. He is also Editor at Jerusalem Reports, an online news consolidator. He can be found at his personal website www.jmpratt.com, and on Twitter and Facebook.






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