PRESIDENTIAL LEADERSHIP REQUIRED, Or What A Difference 1 Year Doesn’t Make


Leadership is not about talking but about action.

We honored the fallen of 9-11-2001 this week. On this day 12 years later we know the world is equally unstable, even more dangerous, requiring superior US leadership.

We have been following the events of the past week’s call to action against Syria by Barack Hussein Obama, President USA,  for reported use of chemical weapons in violation of international treaty.

Only in a fictional world might one consider the crazy story of missteps, blunders, and outright vacillating mismanagement of talking points.  The US Ship of State truly appears without a rudder; and a world filled with dangerous individuals has noticed.

As now exists in the Obama administration’s call by John Kerry for “incredibly small” war in a Middle East where the US becomes allies with Al Qaeda but against Iran, Russia, China  — we look like buffoons, lead by the incapable, and allied as a mercenary-surrogate for warring Arab powers. (See links at: Jerusalem Reports)

One year ago I wrote a piece on Presidential Leadership that is as relevant today as those  incredible cover-up September days now referred to simply as Benghazi 9-11-12.

I am a published novelist. I am certain that “if” I offered a fiction plot for what we have experienced in White House leadership in the days and weeks leading up to the 1 year anniversary of the Benghazi Libya tragedy — it would be considered totally non-plausible, unrealistic, and edited out of my story by any sane publisher.

But these are not “sane” days. And the plot only thickens by the day. The same Susan Rice, then UN ambassador now National Security Adviser, who did five Sunday talk shows about a “spontaneous riot” as the cause now went to Congress this week to convince them that war is the only way to solve a Syrian civil war.  The Russian president has clearly taken control of the Syrian mess with two checkmates on the incredible  foolishness and utter unconsciousness of strategy exhibited by the Obama administration to date regarding Syria. He successfully blocked unilateral military action by Obama, a move that 80% of the American people did not support; strangely meaning most Americans are more aligned with Russian than their own President.

Yesterday Vladimir Putin, President of Russia and the former head of the Soviet Union’s KGB, schooled Obama like a headmaster might a temperamental child, using an Op Ed in the New York Times to appeal to Americans with words inspired by our own Declaration of Independence, including referencing God. He came off sounding more like an American President than… well our US President.

Talk about a world upside down — this is like watching Alice from Wonderland shrink through a keyhole to chase a rabbit with a stopwatch. The call to military action by a now clearly vacillating US President  – as shown by the string of articles cited in the referenced Jerusalem Reports  link — means little to Syrian dictator Assad and his super-power allies, Russia, China, and Iran; all who have denied Obama allegations.

With 40 months left in office Israel and the US are also left with an American presidential administration with no credibility remaining in the Middle East.

It is not with pleasure, but incredible sadness that I offer the future of US leadership from the perspective of one year ago, just after 9-11-12 and before the national elections, in the RedState piece: LEADERSHIP, Or Where is Your Whoopi Cushion



James Michael Pratt is a NY Times and USA Today bestselling novelist, eBook publisher, and editor for Jerusalem Reports. More about his works may be found at www.jmpratt.com 

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