Optics Rule Politics - Episode 1

Optics rule in politics.  Fiddling for words to fit a narrative comes second.

Martha Vineyard vacations have some serious contenders for the President’s attention; that is after he fits in one more round of golf (186 golf outings to date) and while the world burns, another fundraiser.  This Saturday is the earliest he can afford to take a break from his break.  Because he is the most convincing and most powerful man in the world, we should all calm down while he fiddles with the right words needed to fix the crisis stuff.

In a quick jog to the podium to show his energy and then in a, “Make no mistake” Presidential declaration concerning the present world chaos, Obama should fix things by Sunday talk show time, as he is scheduled to return from Massachusetts vacations, golfing, and fundraisers to DC for a working weekend.

But then… reality will set in by Monday. We all will realize that if fiddling with words would solve the world’s burning issues which affect the domestic and international security of our citizens, then Barack Hussein Obama would have solved the never-ending crisis’ and scandals plaguing our once great nation years ago.


But word play does not fix things outside of the make believe district called DC, nor does “don’t do stupid s***” as Hillary Clinton has accused Obama of in foreign policy this very week.  Dancing while the world burns does not fix things, and the optics of taking to a podium to announce how hard your administration is working to solve global concerns tied to the United States does not solve the crisis de jour, but it does add to the reams of words needed to fill the Obama Presidential Library one day.

Jon McNaughton’s painting of Obama fiddling while the world burns may seem like just one man’s expression of what he sees when he reads the daily headlines of crisis and scandal, but it is what tens of millions of Americans and foreign citizens are seeing; and in politics optics is everything.

I know Jon personally. We are friends. We talk about the issues, and we talk about family, faith, and the world of our children’s future. He is tremendously concerned with more than optics. He is a sincere, sensitive man who believes  the Constitution ratified in 1789 to be divinely inspired and set in motion by the authors of the 1776 Declaration of Independence; men willing to sacrifice their  “lives, fortunes, and sacred honor” to make sure the nation did not go down in flames. These men understood they should live up to the encouragement from the first Governor of Massachusetts,  John Winthrop , who in 1630 declared this new land  a “city upon a hill.”

And Barack Obama vision? His city on the hill is blamed as the reason the world burns…  But let’s cut him some slack.

He is worn out from it all; playing pool, drinking a beer before fundraisers in such places as Austin, Texas where he dares Republicans to impeach him then excoriates his “do nothing” Republican majority House of Representatives for messing up immigration reform. Then while declining the invitation from the Texas Governor to investigate at the border the most serious illegal alien invasion of our country’s history, he laughs through the entire meeting.

Fundraisers in Hollywood and San Francisco take up so much time though; where he reminds his worshippers of how hard he is working. Then there was the surprise special video appearance for the Gay Olympics where he assures fellow Americans of their rights…  It isn’t easy balancing so much heavy lifting and grunting under all that pressure.

But all the good fundraising, back slapping and good intentions of the President is sabotaged by the sheer force of optics.  Barack Obama clearly fundraises, parties, golfs, and the world, including our enemies,  sees what artist Jon McNaughton fears.

On this week’s episode of “As the World Burns” the optics include Obama fundraising, golfing, and partying at Martha’s Vineyard as:

Optics of a President at work are worth a thousand words… Words of a President merely cover for incompetency and the inconvenient truths linked to his work. But, in the end, I am sure we will all be blamed by the White House for noticing.

James Michael Pratt is a New York Times Bestselling author of inspirational fiction and non-fiction including The Lost Valentine, a 2011 Hallmark Hall of Fame World Premier Event.  Demise of America used by permission at www.jonmcnaughton.com

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