A Simple Solution

    I have worked in technology for just over seventeen years.  Sometimes for free, overwhelmingly paid. I’ve worked on every version of Microsoft’s Windows and DOS platforms, every version of Apple’s System and OS X platforms, and a wide range of ports of the UNIX/Linux platforms.  I’ve worked with every iteration of Apple’s iPhone and iPad lines, and quite a few of their Powerbook/iMac/MacBook systems. I tinker | Read More »

    The Brilliance of the Big Picture

      Donald Trump has become a leading candidate, holding onto sizable poll numbers and a massive amount of attention from the electorate and the media in general.  It’s an odd decision, from a guy who made no noises or moves to garner support or set up early-voting teams at any point in the past two years, to decide that he should jump in with both feet | Read More »

    Wrong Focus on O’s iPad/iPod Swipe

    President Obama has said a lot of ridiculous crap over the past… oh hell, he’s always saying ridiculous crap.  He’s like Joe Biden except less hilarious and more dangerous.  This past weekend, giving a commencement address at Hampton University, he said the following: “You’re coming of age in a 24/7 media environment that bombards us with all kinds of content and exposes us to all | Read More »

    Hubris in New Jersey

    New Jersey Transit is currently dealing with a number of major financial problems.  They just had about thirty million dollars cut from their state subsidy by Gov. Chris “Awesome Like A Rock Star” Christie, and there’s talk of more cuts in next year’s budget. (Personally I hope Christie gets them started on the road to privatization sooner rather than later, but that’s just me) And | Read More »

    Miami Herald Reviews V, Can’t Resist Obscene Reference

    Once, just once I’d love to see someone in the Downstream Media speak of Tea Party Protestors without making a disgusting sexual reference. Somehow, it’s perfectly fine to refer to those of us who are appalled at The Light-Bringer’s “apre moi, le deluge” use of taxpayer funds on whatever his pretty little head can conceive, in a manner any decent person, regardless of politics, would condemn | Read More »

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    Christie in Newark

    Chris Christie and his running mate, Kim Guadagno, stopped in Newark’s tony Forest Hill neighborhood last night, a neighborhood historically bluer than my jeans. The crowd was a healthy mix of lifelong Democrats, including a fair amount of Obama supporters and voters, and party-line Republicans, but you wouldn’t know it from the way everyone meshed together and happily celebrated before, during, and after his speech. | Read More »