The Brilliance of the Big Picture

      Donald Trump has become a leading candidate, holding onto sizable poll numbers and a massive amount of attention from the electorate and the media in general.  It’s an odd decision, from a guy who made no noises or moves to garner support or set up early-voting teams at any point in the past two years, to decide that he should jump in with both feet | Read More »

    Wrong Focus on O’s iPad/iPod Swipe

    President Obama has said a lot of ridiculous crap over the past… oh hell, he’s always saying ridiculous crap.  He’s like Joe Biden except less hilarious and more dangerous.  This past weekend, giving a commencement address at Hampton University, he said the following: “You’re coming of age in a 24/7 media environment that bombards us with all kinds of content and exposes us to all | Read More »

    Hubris in New Jersey

    New Jersey Transit is currently dealing with a number of major financial problems.  They just had about thirty million dollars cut from their state subsidy by Gov. Chris “Awesome Like A Rock Star” Christie, and there’s talk of more cuts in next year’s budget. (Personally I hope Christie gets them started on the road to privatization sooner rather than later, but that’s just me) And | Read More »

    Miami Herald Reviews V, Can’t Resist Obscene Reference

    Once, just once I’d love to see someone in the Downstream Media speak of Tea Party Protestors without making a disgusting sexual reference. Somehow, it’s perfectly fine to refer to those of us who are appalled at The Light-Bringer’s “apre moi, le deluge” use of taxpayer funds on whatever his pretty little head can conceive, in a manner any decent person, regardless of politics, would condemn | Read More »

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    Christie in Newark

    Chris Christie and his running mate, Kim Guadagno, stopped in Newark’s tony Forest Hill neighborhood last night, a neighborhood historically bluer than my jeans. The crowd was a healthy mix of lifelong Democrats, including a fair amount of Obama supporters and voters, and party-line Republicans, but you wouldn’t know it from the way everyone meshed together and happily celebrated before, during, and after his speech. | Read More »