What is conservatism?

    The true definition of a philosophy is ultimately determined by the consensus of the intellectuals that help to shape that philosophy. Political philosophies are one of the most open and mailable schools of thought one can imagine. At any given moment, the definition of conservatism is being debated by thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of scholars, politicians, comities, constituencies, and activists. The fact that | Read More »

    Evangelical Atheism

    As a self-proclaimed “secular conservative”, I often confuse people when I take aim at policies that attempt to institutionalize an Atheist approach to governance. But why? If Atheists don’t believe in God, wouldn’t that be the perfect way to separate church and state? While a Godless republic on its face seems like a great secular idea, I take issue with the evangelical Atheists who would | Read More »

    Why I can’t vote for Obama

    I recently outlined a rough framework for how I approach the question of who to support for President and why I was not particularly fond of the Republican candidate, John McCain. He got decent marks for his stance on taxes, but barely passed on the economy and failed outright on civil rights. Why then am I supporting him for President? Because his opponent is Democratic | Read More »