Top 10 Reasons O Admin is going to keep 9-11 Truther Jones

    Since the Obama administration seems to be digging in its heels and not immediately ditching 9-11 Truther Van Jones, the “Green” Czar, I did some investigating to try to determine the top 10 reasons why they want Jones to remain on the White House payroll. To wit… 10. Already had plans to feature him in his speech to the ObamaYouth on Tuesday as another example | Read More »

    Paglia: Too Little Too Late

    Camille Paglia, my favorite feminist, is having some post-election buyers remorse, I think.She has spoken glowingly of Sarah Palin before, and she does so again today, affirming:

    Chambliss bringing in big guns to fight Martin and Obama

    Fox5 Atlanta is reporting this morning that the Chambliss campaign is bringing in (drumroll)……John McCain (release that sigh!) to campaign in Cobb County for Chambliss. The Chambliss camp is characterizing the runoff here as “the first race in the 2010 election.” I might add it’s also the first test in the 2012 Presidential election (for the GOP). So, McCain is all well and good (seeing | Read More »

    Tough times at USA Today

    One of the fun things about flying is you get to pick up free newspapers in airports as you wait. Today, as I enjoyed a little. Memphis BBQ, I perused the A section of the Nation’s Newspaper, USA Today. I know times are tough for the print media, but, honestly, did USA Today need to cut costs by having morons on the editorial page. I | Read More »

    Thoughts, randomly presented

    I keep hearing that Barack Obama is the son of an immigrant (or immigrants). Since an immigrant is “a person who migrates to another country, usually for permanent residence” and his mother was a citizen by birth and his father demonstrated no desire to stay here (and didn’t), does that really make him really the son of even one immigrant? I say not. So, stop | Read More »

    Chambliss vs. Martin

    This election season, because Barack’s got more money than God, and because of a “righteous wind at their back” here in Georgia, we are getting to see ads this season like never before. I haven’t seen too many Obama ads, but I saw the first one tonight. The blatant dishonesty and misrepresentations in this ad make me wish someone would just use that race card, | Read More »

    Lindsay Graham – Are you really John McCain’s Friend

    Lindsay Graham tried to blame his lack of sleep on his awful performance on McCain’s behalf today on FNS. Against the biggest loser in American history (John Effing Kerry) he was awful and couldn’t defend McCain, Palin, or himself. At one point, Chris Wallace nearly had to take on Kerry alone, after he bloviated and lied unchecked by Graham. I am tired of the Democrats | Read More »

    Doris Kearns Goodwin is an idiot

    Doris Kearns Goodwin just said on MTP that “Nearly 1 out of 3 vice presidents have actually become president, mostly because of the death or assassination or the resignation of a president.” Huh?

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