The Effective Tax Rate Lie

    It’s really annoying that the media likes to play games with the effective tax rate people pay versus the tax bracket they are in. This trick is most often used with the “Buffet Rule” that claims Buffet pays less tax than his secretary. Now we could get into making money from investments instead of a paycheck but I want to focus in on the secretary. | Read More »

    Is it just me or is Sequestration going really well?

    Politicians always scream bloody murder if they have to cut one cent from their AUTOMATICALLY increased budgets every year (thanks baseline budgeting). Even Republicans do. It is my thought that you could have even larger cuts and our gov’t would function just fine. Across the board I think is completely fine. The only way to make a department find the “waste, fraud and abuse” is | Read More »

    The Debt Ceiling – Will the House Cave Next Time?

    I have been ignoring the Fiscal Cliff news for the time being but I am guess the debt ceiling is not part of that issue. As far as tax rates go, the Republicans have to play ball since inaction would make all of the rates go up. There will still be a game of chicken for sure, but there is a pretty big incentive for | Read More »

    The Expectations Trap & The Presidential Debates

    The way the Democrats are winning is that they are setting the expectations to be easily exceeded by Obama while being impossible to meet for Romney. And the media is complicit in this. And the polls that have been the subject of much debate contribute to this narrative. First you make the debates be absolutely critical for Romney. You use tilted Poll data to say | Read More »

    Stop listening to Trump! He is a Sideshow!

    The reason why conservative candidates pander to Trump is that they believe the conservative base really likes him and listens to what he has to say. You are all getting played. If the masses want to follow Palin and hold her up as a thought leader, fine. She was a governor and a VP candidate, she is actually conservative. I am not in the Palin | Read More »

    Liberals and Deficits

    Liberals have a problem in that they both criticize deficit spending by Republicans while at the same time supporting measures that do even worse damage to the deficit. They love to bring up the Clinton years when he and a Republican congress (they don’t mention the latter) got to a balanced budget. But where is the Clinton starter-kit out there? There aren’t any Democratic centrists | Read More »