Gen.Powells upcoming endorsement !!

My view

Most of us are really holding the breath about Gen.Powells upcoming endorsement.Is it really matter?. I don’t know.But it will show Powell’s real belief about this nation and its peoples reflection about Race.Is Race matters in this election?In my view it shouldn’t.What matter to me and should matter to you is, my faith and your faith.Faith in my religion,(R)party,belief, and the person I am looking for to be the next Pr.of this great nation, which been build in the word “under God”.Race is a wild fire,once it started,its hard to contain and more damages will be the consequences.If Gen.Powell endorses Sen.McCain,I would say it’s out of his principle,faith,core values etc.And it will also boost Gen.Powells stature more bright and colorful.In other words,if Gen.Powell endorses Sen.Obama,it will diminish his stature,undermine what he been believed all his lifetime,also show to the world that he did because of the candidates skin colour.One way it may make the world to say,look at the endorsement,huge,great such.But in reality it will unite the (R) party more stronger and those who never thought about the colour and other things will turn and will vote against Sen.Obama.Any way,we will see within few hours from now and let me tell you, don’t you worry.jt

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