Rahm Emanuel Evades Property Tax Burden

    Like most former/current Chicago residents, I was pretty astonished that Obama was starting his “change” administration with the quintessential face of Chicago Boss politics, one Rahm Emanual [sic]. It seemed something akin to inviting Al Capone to run the Treasury Department. Well, thanks to my old blogging home Illinois Review, we learn that high-taxing-Rahmy does not believe in paying high taxes himself: According to the | Read More »

    I Was A Mormon Missionary

    …and this was exactly what my mission was like. I loved walking into peoples homes and sifting through their belongings and tearing up things. Especially with a sinister laugh. But I never got the cool “Enforcement Division” badge. That would have have made my job a bit easier. A couple thoughts: These missionaries were in the wrong, since Missionary rules dictate that elders shouldn’t go | Read More »

    Gay Marriage: The False Vacuum

    The newest SUSA polling confirms California Proposition 8 (defining Marriage as between a man and a woman) leading by 3 percent thanks in a large measure to black voters who are in favor 58%-30% and to a small degree Hispanics who are in favor 47%-41%. One of the arguments constantly espoused by Gay Marriage advocates, or even those who just don’t have a problem with | Read More »