Then and Now… Inflation

    THEN… Nov 9, 2010 : CBS – “Palin’s Stupid warning on coming inflation” (Multiple Stories) and NOW: Jan 15, 2011 : CBS – “Nowhere to Hide” from

    Wife of Clarence Thomas Calls Anita Hill

    No news here besides what is out there, but I’m trying to bend my mind around this. Let’s see: 20+ years ago, an African-American guy is up for Supreme

    What Happened to Global Warming News?

    British Royal Society becomes Global Warming deniers…=feeds-newsxml…-change-guide/…denier-nation/ Basically they say: that it impossible to know for sure how the Earth’s climate will change in the future nor

    Another 20% hike on Cigarettes? … Why not tax golfing?

    President of the Georgia Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce, Jim Maran published a letter in the Gwinnett Daily Post on Saturday, March 20, 2010 titled: “Tobacco tax hike is the best

    Georgia College Tuition Hikes

    When the Teachers Retirement System of Georgia is sitting on $ 50 billion dollars and the investment staffers get incredible raises and an average of $ 16,000 in bonuses in

    Raining on the GDP Parade

    The Bureau of Economic Analysis released the “advanced” estimate for the 4th quarter GDP. Strike up the band and put the kiddies on your shoulders so they can see the

    Redistribution of Blame

    I think it is time to socialize the political blame game.  For the last two years the liberals, socialists, democrats and the main stream media have beat the drums incessantly