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    Vagaries and other Economic musings and rantings about Leftists

    The whole of human existence has been a move towards more individual freedom.  From civilization’s birth in the Neolithic Revolution (which freed us from our subsistence, cave-dwelling lifestyle and enabled us to more fully explore the powers of the mind), we have been in a steady uphill push for individual liberty.  We instituted governments to protect us from each other and from our enemies, so | Read More »

    Fixing Education: An Insider’s Perspective

    There are a lot of problems in public education today. There are a host of news stories about budgetary concerns, failing schools, test pressures, and other ills plaguing our nation’s schools. For too long the answer has been one extreme or another: more money, or cut funding. We’ve got to get creative in our approach to fixing the problems; rehashing the same old debate year | Read More »

    Crumbling façade?

    Is it just me, or are people missing a big part of this story? Namely the fact that Obama seems like a record playing on the wrong speed, slurring and just generally off tempo and seemingly having difficultly reading the TOTUS? I’ve also only seen rare mentions to the fact that he says “Christian” and “Christopher,” another indication that perhaps not all cylinders are firing…? | Read More »

    Destroy the Meme

    I’m sick of hearing how the President “inherited” a bad situation. An inheritance is usually something over which someone has no control, sometimes even something unexpected.ff  Barack Obama knew what he was getting when he ran for President.  If anything, he adopted the bad situation. I liken his “predicament” to the following analogy: Suppose you were in the market for a house.  You find a | Read More »